Essay Example on DNA and Forensic Science helped or hurt the issue of Death Penalty








Death penalty has been a way of punishing people since forever People were sentenced to death for the most minor things At one point in religion every sin committed was rewarded with death so it was a very crucial case According to what I read the Texan polls It seems like they still follow their old traditional ways and are still used to the old ways of punishing murderers with death They also support abortion and medically assisted suicide To me something like that really hurts because no matter what people say you never really understand a person s feelings because they mostly say what you want to hear and not the real fact From my research about 73 of Texans are still in support if death penalty and whereas 21 opposed I think the 73 is a very high percent compared to the opposed one every year it is the same thing that the majority is in support of death penalty or even life without parole The poll i researched about was a poll in 2015 by Pew Research Center which showed me that 56 of Americans support the death penalty whereas 44 don t support it These levels of support are the lowest so far recorded in the past 40 years The Pew Research stated that there has been a striking decline in the support among the democrats Going back towards 1996 about 71 supported capital punishment but now it has been reduced to 40 and also opposition to death penalty has grown from before among democrats more than twice over the last 20 years from 22 in 1994 to about 46 today Racial minorities have the lowest support for death penalty but I also think is different depending on the country in which you reside When they have been offered an alternative punishment of life without parole the people are mostly likely to spilt it with 50 favoring death penalty and 45 favoring life without parole

This is just my own opinion about how Americans view on death penalty and how the faction and environment around it affects their own perspective DNA and forensic sciences have been a huge breakthrough in criminal justice and judiciary as it allows them to make a more detailed decision and punishment through evidence I thought about it and I want to find out from other people too has the DNA and forensic science helped or hurt the issue of death penalty or even the capital punishment itself from my own perspective it definitely varies from person to person or even case to case you can t really place it on one thing because it all depends on the situation at hand and what will come from the decision being made Then again DNA has exonerated and proved the innocence of men women accused of crime they might not even have committed Yes no system is perfect but a system that takes peoples life should defiantly have some ground proof and evidence enough besides just witnesses because at the end of the day you never know a person s heart and what is inside their mind we are all humans so if everything is based on just words it will be hard to That s why also the accuracy of judgment as increased through DNA and reduced the risk of executing innocent people Things like biometric and fingerprint are very unique to every human being because it is very rare to find people with the same exact similarities It gives integrity credibility and accuracy of the capital verdicts and allow a powerful safeguard

There are other arguments about DNA testing is that in many cases provides an inconclusive result and it is also costly time consuming and additional administrative burden I feel like things can always be perfect the system itself can t be perfect and all the criminals in the world not all of them will be convicted or even found but its better to have something like they say half Is better than none There are some ways that murders or homicides can evade the death penalty If the offender is diagnosed as mentally unstable where intentions and motives are blurred the person can evade death penalty Even though vehicular manslaughter under the manner of reckless driving does In a sense warrant death penalty because you are aware you can hurt someone but you decide to engage in reckless driving most cases it will only be issued a 2 year to 8 year sentence To have a death penalty on an offenders head means that he had to have a passionate premeditation to kill That is where law system is sometimes difficult because you have to prove that the offender premeditated a murder It also leaves room for corruption in which criminals know the loopholes and acts mentally unstable to evade death penalty There are some really crucial situations where the death penalty is somehow accepted but it is not something I am comfortable with because I am a Christian and I am a child of GOD and I don t think its right to put law into our own hands no matter how much we know about it but from living in this world you know there are some crazy people and then you have no choice than t do what is best for the people of this world as the person in charge at that moment I don t even understand how people that have done gruesome things are still free today it scares me because you never know what people are capable off or what they can do people that put the law in their hands and go about things the wrong way using loopholes of the law to escape capital punishment

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