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Every organization is trying to improve the maximization of benefit In here it is very important the role of the top executive person in that organization He should have clearly missions and visions how to drive and lead their organization well If he has no proper missions and visions unethical behaviors may occur in the organization Therefore I would like to highlight some important factors to avoid unethical behavior in the organization Firstly the organization should set up mission clearly of ongoing processes especially like the social mission When describing the social mission should include enhancement of education abilities and knowledge The training may be helpful in the development of education For example sometimes the company should invite external ethics speaker in the workplace intend to explain about ethical behavior and explain why it is very important in our society By doing like this employees ethical knowledge level will improve Moreover the company can also get employees loyalty and trust Secondly the organization set up proper rules and regulations in every sector of the organization When setting the rules and regulations should describe the systems of checks and balances and carrot and stick clearly to minimize the chance for unethical behavior For instance when one employee breaks these rule the company must be punishment him intensively 

On the other hand if one employee who accomplished some goal the company must be the reward and show appreciation to this employee Thirdly the company should have the system of performance appraisal Managers in every department of the organization must evaluate on their subordinates Managers also must evaluate the performance of different managers in other departments by each other The important thing is that the criteria in the system of performance appraisal must be clear and equal Fourthly the organization often should create discussion or debate session about ethical and unethical behavior This way is very effective to keep in mind pros and cons of moral and ethical behavior for every person By implementing these ways the organization can decrease and avoid unethical incidents Q2 Certainly if I were faced the problem in my organization like Betty Vinson in the WorldCom case I would keep my moral and ethical behaviors Whenever we face in this type of issues we always consider by matching with education prudence knowledge and experience Moreover we should be a fearless person for the truth in the workplace Firstly education will be a good tool for choosing right things Sometimes if the cupidity covers the education as the strong desire wants and needs we must overcome with consciousness It is also one of the attitudes Secondly prudence is also the best tool when we consider for the right There have some criteria to decide the best decision such as truth and loyalty individual and community short term and long term benefits For example Betty Vinson made a wrong decision because he chose loyalty individual and short term benefits in the WorldCom case However when we consider these criteria it is depending on the situation That's why prudence is the ability of attribute If it is not enough above attitude we can use our knowledge and experiences It will be helpful for the right decision process In the case Vinson knew that the order of her boss is not good accounting practices She also knew that it is illegal to her knowledge and experiences But she ignored her knowledge and experiences in the decision process 

Therefore she was sentenced to 5 months in prison and 5 months of home detention Finally whenever we meet the predicament in the working environments we must decide the right decision without fearlessness such as wrong instruction wrong order the power of rank other bias and so on We must focus only the truth and justice in the decision process These tools are the best practices to keep our moral and ethical behavior even when we face the ethical dilemma case That is why I believe that I can be able to overcome unethical behavior with the powerful tools Q3 A An Executive summary of Case WorldCom is one the largest company in the telecommunications industry in the US When occurring the fast bankruptcy company face the crisis in the financial issue to maintain expense to revenue ratio E R ratio and to fill for bankruptcy protection To cover this situation CEO decide to grow the company's market value Therefore he forced to his senior staffs including CFO to growth their performance So that they made the worst accounting fraud that is the regarded financial crime in US history In this unethical incident there involved seven key persons They were Bernie Ebbers CEO Scott Sullivan CFO David Myers Controller of Account Department Buford Yates Jr Director of General Accounting Betty Vinson Sr Manager and Troy Normand Manager These six people were roles of negative characters and one person Cynthia Cooper Director of Internal Audit who was acting the role of the positive character He was also a disclosure of this unethical case The main reason for this incident was facing the economic crisis the backwash of line costs and trick adjustments to revenue growth And the other reason was competition increase in existing telecommunication market and difficult to penetrate to the new market Because of these reasons they committed the worst mistake by cooking the books with fraud transactions Finally these six criminal persons were convicted with the assertion of the government s fraud and conspiracy charges by the judge In contrast the ethical person Cynthia Cooper was famed Persons of the Year of Time magazine in December 2002 and he was also a successful consultant and speaker on ethical and moral leadership in the US

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