Essay Example on Fanfiction of journey to the west Before Chaos was Divided








Heaven and Earth were one All was a shapeless blur and no men had appeared Once Pan Gu destroyed the Enormous Vagueness The separation of clear and impure began Living things have always tended towards humanity From their creation all beings improve If you want to know about Creation and Time Read Difficulties Resolved on the Journey to the West this poem is from a chinese novel journey to the west Since the creation of the world Gravity between the heaven and earth still exists in order to prevent the world to chaos Pangu with hands propped up between heaven and earth until heaven and earth's gravity completely disappeared After hundreds of millions of years the sky and the earth were completely separated but Pangu died away because of the exhaustion Because the world has just opened up without any creature on the earth so Pangu died his blood turned a race Wu his body turned into the mountains his hair turned into animal So the earth was so vibrant from then on Then a war between Wu and Yao occurred The war was so violent that the mountains and rivers were broken and a large number of people died Finally the sky was broken by such a powerful force For a time the land of Shenzhou was broken and countless lives were dead

Finally the saint Nv Wa came forward she extracted 99 eighty one pieces of colorful God stone to repair the sky However one stone is not consumed lost in the earth From then on there was a peace between the heaven and earth After the Nv Wa repaired the sky has been nearly 500 years during that time the whole earth was divided into 4 pieces The Eastern Continent of Superior Body the Western Continent of Cattle gift the Southern Continent of Jambu and the Northern Continent of Kuru Our story takes place at a small mountain in The Eastern Continent of Superior Body Where there is a huge stone on the top of the hill it is the same stone that was left by Nu Wa to repair the day The rock after hundreds of years exposed to wind and rain in the mountains absorbing the essence of heaven and earth born out of the gnosis One day the stone suddenly broke and a monkey jumped out of it For a time the world is different a bunch of golden light goes straight to the sky and can t be scattered for a long time

The Jade Emperor in the sky was also shocked by it He murmured the man who should have been robbed On the mountain the monkey was able to run and jump very soon it feed from plants and trees drink from brooks look for fruit He made friends with the wolves went around with the tigers was on good terms with the deer and had the other monkeys and apes for relations At night he sleeps under the rock faces and he roamed around the peaks and caves by day One day when the weather was very hot it caught a cool breath with a group of monkeys near the waterfall Suddenly a monkey said if someone can jump over that waterfall we will recognize him as king The monkeys are at a loss about what to do no one dares to stand up Then the monkey who jumped out of the stone stood out and said I come and I come He jumped into the waterfall and jumped out of the waterfall for a moment The monkeys were so shocked that they knelt down and shouted king king The monkey king said there is a cave into the water fall from now on there is our nest In this way the monkeys lived carefree in their caves for decades One day he suddenly felt depressed during a banquet with his monkey host and he started to weep 

The startled monkeys crowded round bowed to him and asked What's the matter Your Majesty Although I m happy now the Monkey King replied I'm worried about the future That's what 's getting me down the time will come when we are old and weak and the underworld is controlled by the King of Hell When the time comes for us to die we won't be able to go on living among the Blessed and our lives will have been in vain All the monkeys covered their faces and wept as everyone of them thought about death Suddenly a gibbon jumped out from their ranks and shrieked in a piercing voice If Your Majesty is thinking so far ahead this is the beginning of enlightenment Now of the Five Creatures there are only three that do not come under the jurisdiction of the King of Hell Do you know which they are asked the Monkey King Yes the ape replied They are the Buddhas the Immortals and the Sages They are free from the Wheel of Reincarnation They are not born and they do not die They are as eternal as Heaven and Earth as the mountains and the rivers Where do they live the Monkey King asked Only in the human world the ape replied in ancient caves on magic mountains The Monkey King was delighted to hear this The second day the monkey king carrying an outfit embarked on a road of searching for the immortal

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