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Hope and fear are both very important to have and to experience throughout your life They play different roles and both can be very powerful in one's life In my life I value hope more than fear I acknowledge that fear is there but to me hope is more powerful and sustaining In English we have discussed these topics very extensively and our class has had some from very different views on which is more powerful I agree that fear is a motivator and can drive someone to do many things but there is also hope which is essential to having a positive outlook on life There is a balance in everything when fear controls your life you are restricted and confined and with hope overruling you are capable of hoping for impracticable goals Fear is an instinct and part of everyone's human's nature and hope is a form Hope can be controlled and is the ONLY thing stronger than fear if you are consciously trying to break down your fear and you allow hope to take over it's going to be so powerful and strong The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown In the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand that is based on a true story The main character was a man named Louie Zamperini who was with a crew on a search mission for a plane that went down in the ocean during World War II While they were searching for the other plane their left engine started to fail and their plane crashed into the ocean leaving his crew stranded with nothing but a raft They were rescued by the Japanese and were brought to the camp run by the Japanese Navy and The Bird Mutsuhiro Watanabe who was named

The Bird ruled the camp as a corporal was very passionate about his job When Louie and his crew arrived at the camp Watanabe created Louie as a long lasting target from day one As stated by the author Louie had met the man who would dedicate himself to shattering him page 156 His goal was to gain power over people who had the most power in a separate society Louie as an Olympian runner stood out to him like a sore thumb He began to traumatize them in such a way that he took every ounce of the crew s hope and turned it into pure fear of the future In the camp under his ruling no one knew what to expect Watanabe was so inconsistent with his actions The monster could fluctuate between emotion very quickly Bush expected to be murdered Instead Watanabe took him to his office hugged him gave him beer and handfuls of candy and cigarettes to run shrieking into a barracks clubbing every man he saw page 158 He would try to be friends with every soldier just to turn around and beat them all to almost death he was seen as a monster This shows the fear of the unknown or unexpected because the soldiers couldn't prepare for anything and couldn't show any emotion towards anything without it getting ripped apart without any warning After reading Unbroken it only supported my belief that the Japanese were the only people at wrongdoing during the war I have only ready stories from the point of view of Americans and through my education I realized it may be on purpose Our society struggles with accepting our own mistakes and after reading the story of Hiroshima by John Hersey it changed my point of view

This story was written about the survivors of the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Japan It put a name to the victims of the country we chose to harm in a very awful way By putting a name to the victims of the opposing country it causes risk and danger to our own country because it could cause people to turn against their own country I do see both sides of the story but it seems that through our education our society tries to hide the other story because it's important to fear the enemy rather than to fear ourselves Fearing the enemy creates so much power within one s country because it is something that can bring them together as a common belief among the people Overall fear may make us seem more powerful to other countries but its hope that will create the overwhelming power because it will start a movement It does not matter whether you have hope or fear until you decide to put either one of them into action to impact yourself or others because until then they are just emotions either driving or taking you down Finding hope can be through faith which can transform people It creates strength from power and destroys your weaknesses Being able to find hope is beautiful it takes time and effort which is why its capable of bringing you out in a crowd which is what Louie Zamperini did in Unbroke from the very beginning on page 156 Watanabe had forced the men to stand for hours on end in the cold until Zamperini made a fire with almost zero resources Once the fire was started The men gathered close to the fire and cigarettes emerged from pockets Everyone got warmer page 156 Louie created hope for his crew from the very first few hours of arriving He found hope in nothing which guided him through the hard times Fear may be a motivator and something that everyone has experienced but if you are able to overpower your fear and turn it into hope you have gained so much more potential because hope can transform you

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