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Have you ever wondered why the earth shakes seas rise causing destruction tsunamis and thunder and lightning ðŸ According to many people in the past the gods would from time to time come down to earth and cause destruction upon the people when they were unhappy with how humans acted The humans would choose to live out their ways but always to do it for the gods Sometimes though the humans of earth would not listen and acted out with violence and sins causing the gods to get angry causing natural phenomena that could only be interpreted by the ancients as the wrath of the gods These natural phenomena were easily explained to be caused and controlled by Poseidon and Zeus Poseidon was believed to be the god of the seas rivers lakes and the creator of earthquakes Zeus was believed to be the god of thunder who controlled the weather ðŸ 

Together these two gods will attempt to stop a war and will create peace throughout the world The journey and end to war began and ended with a story like this one Long ago there was a war between good and evil As a result many traveled by land and sea to conquer their enemies They would say â œIf we conquer our enemy we will please the godsâ But this only angered the gods the sea grew with Poseidonâ s rage as the waves crashed against the ships The men wallowed in fear and tears filled the warriorâ s eyes As they stared into the pitted doom of the great black abyss that was going to swallow their entire fleet 🠊 They could hear a powerful voice from the sea saying â œStop this war or you will be punishedâ The people did not listen and said back to this voice â œWe will not stop This is what the people want â Soon after the skyâ s became fiercely dark with midnight blue and ash grey clouds as they filled the sky across the lands Lightning soon filled the sky with bolts of bright lights🠃 â œPeace and happiness will only come if this war ends now before many you are lost forever â Zeus said â œThis is not my god If this is what he wants

Row men get to land â The thunder was so loud that they heard it throughout the seven seasðŸ Zeus and Poseidon saw that the people needed to be stopped and that peace was needed throughout the land â œCaptain I believe these are our god's calling to us telling us that this is wrong and that peace can be created without violence â â œGet off my ship pagans if you will listen to a false god â the captainâ s yells It was then that Poseidon appeared to them he was magnificent in size as he held his trident Soon after Zeus appeared just as Magnificent as Poseidon wielding a lightning bolt Zeus known as the peacemaker began to explain the error of their ways â œFor it is I Zeus god of thunder and controller of skyâ s As you can see I am not a false god You must stop this nonsense Violence is not the solution speak with your enemies and come to a common ground For then you will live in harmony with your loved onesâ The people did not want to listen to Poseidon and Zeus The storms in the sky and sea began to increase in size as the raging waves crashed upon the shipsðŸ The sea was getting ready to swallow the ships and the lightning was striking harder and closer to the fleet The ships rocked fiercely back and forth slamming the crew from one side of the ship to the other A Tsunami could be seen miles away more than one hundred feet tall was coming their way â œWe have to listen to the gods they are sending us a message that what we are doing is wrong and it will hurt many innocent peopleâ cries the crew 

The people grew in fear and realized what was important in their lives and that was having each other and ending this war It was then that Poseidon and Zeus gave them one last chance â œIf peace is restored you will all be reunited with your loved ones and have friends all around the worldâ yelled Poseidon â œWe now understand â Cried all those of land and sea â œFrom this day forward we will never doubt the gods againâ Said the people The moral of this story was that peace and happiness can conquer all War and violence is not always the answer and to be happy in life you must live in peace with one another To always act accordingly and to follow the path of good and stay away from evil is the best way to live life The gods will always be there to guide you on your journey And that's where earthquakes and lightning and tsunamis ect come from

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