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Health care is provided in facilities which range from highly equipped clinics and technologically advanced university hospitals to front line units with only basic facilities Despite progress in public health and hospital care infections continue to develop in hospitalized patients Health care associated infection HCAI in a health care setting is one of the major causes of death and increased morbidity among hospitalized patients It prolongs the hospital stay of affected patients and increases the cost of patient care The health care associated infections HCAIs were defined as a localized or systemic condition resulted from an adverse reaction to the presence of an infectious agent or its toxin CDC 2016 that occurs during a hospital admission 48 hours or more after hospital admission or within 30 days after discharge for which there is no evidence that the infection was present or incubating at admission Kouchak F et al 2010 The prevalence of HCAIs worldwide showed an increasing from 5 7 to 19 1 Yallew WW Kumie A Yehuala FM 2016 There are various factors why HCAIs are even more alarming in the 21st century which include regardless of the resources available prolonged and inappropriate use of invasive devices and antibiotics high risk and sophisticated procedures immunosuppression and other severe underlying patient conditions and insufficient application of standard and isolation precautions HCIAs are considered a major cause of preventable illnesses and deaths in hospitalized patients and their prevention and control have assumed a higher priority with respect to patient safety issues 

Many infection control measures such as appropriate hand hygiene and the correct application of basic precautions during invasive procedures are simple and of low cost but require staff accountability and behavioral change in addition to improving staff education reporting and surveillance systems Bouallègue et al 2013 Abdel Fattah MM 2005 Surveillance of nosocomial infections at a Saudi Arabian military hospital for a one year period Ger Med Sci 3 Doc06 Al Kuwaiti A 2017 Impact of a multicomponent hand hygiene intervention strategy in reducing infection rates at a university hospital in Saudi Arabia Interventional Medicine and Applied Science 9 3 137 143 doi 10 1556 1646 9 2017 24 Al Nasser W El Saed A Al Jardani A Althaqafi A Alansari H Alsalman J Maskari ZA El Gammal A Al Abri SS Balkhy HH 2016 Rates of catheter associated urinary tract infection in tertiary care hospitals in 3 Arabian Gulf countries A 6 year surveillance study Am J Infect Control 44 1589 1594 Bouallègue O Naija W Said H Nouria A Jaidane N Dhidah L and Boujaafar N 2013 Incidence of ICU acquired nososcomial infections in University Hospital of Sahloul Sousse 

Tunisia Antimicrobial Resistance CDC Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee HICPAC www cdc gov hicpac accessed on December 2017 Cole M 2007 Infection control worlds apart primary and secondary care British journal of community nursing 12 7 301 303 306 Gaid E Assiri A McNabb SJN BanjarW 2016 Device associated nosocomial infection in General Hospitals Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2013 2016 Poster available at http kingabdullahfellowship com wp content uploads Eiman Poster Final 4 27 16 pdf Accessed on Apr 20 2017 Horan TC Andrus M Dudeck MA 2008 CDC NHSN surveillance definition of health care associated infection and criteria for specific types of infections in the acute care setting Am J Infect Control 36 5 309 32 Hugonnet S Chevrolet J Pittet D 2007 The effect of workload on infection risk in critically ill patients Crit Care Med Jan 35 1 76 81 Ige OK Adesanmi AA Asuzu MC 2011 Hospital acquired infections in a Nigerian tertiary health hospital an audit of surveillance Niger Med J 52 239 43 Irene Ocran1 2 Daniel Nii Aryee Tagoe1 2014 Knowledge and attitude of healthcare workers and patients on healthcare associated infections in a regional hospital in Ghana

Document heading doi 10 1016 S2222 1808 14 60330 3 by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease Kouchak F Askarian M Nosocomial infections 2012 the definition cri teria Iran J Med Sci 37 2 72 3 Moghaddasian S Zamanzadeh V Parvan K Allah Bakhshian M 2010 Knowledge Attitude and Practice of ICU Nurse about Nosocomial infection control in Teaching Hospital of Tabriz Iran J Nurse 23 64 17 28 Sabra SM Abdel Fattah MM 2012 Epidemiological and microbiological profile of nosocomial infection in Taif Hospitals KSA 2010 2011 World J Med Sci 7 01 09 Shelley S Magill Walter Hellinger Jessica Cohen Robyn Kay March 2012 Prevalence of Healthcare Associated Infections in Acute Care Hospitals in Jacksonville Florida Volume 33 Issue 3 pp 283 291 Siegel J D Rhinehart E Jackson M Chiarello L 2007 Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee Guideline for isolation precautions preventing transmission of infectious agents in healthcare settings Centers for Disease Control Yallew WW Kumie A Yehuala FM 2016 Point prevalence of hospital acquired infections in two teaching hospitals of Amhara region in Ethiopia Drug Healthc Patient Saf 8 71 76 WHO The burden of health care associated infection worldwide http www who int gpsc country_work burden_hcai en accessed on January 2018

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