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Hey you look quite drained How does a Dr Pepper 10 sound to freshen you up a bit Wait never mind Go back to cleaning the floors and doing the laundry This soda drink is only for men not for women For a society that has come a long way in suppressing women discrimination over the years the Dr Pepper 10 commercial has found a way to alienate and exclude women from a rather gender neutral product in order to show their male target audience that Dr Pepper 10 is a man s drink Specifically speaking the language used male identities portrayed and stereotypical women gender roles shown throughout the commercial all are techniques successfully used by Dr Pepper to exclude women from their product The language used throughout the commercial illustrates to viewers that Dr Pepper 10 is not for women To begin with diction is used in the quote It s only 10 manly calories where the use of the word manly emphasizes that the product is exclusively for men by portraying the image of a masculine and strong male Putting this together with the phrase It s only 10 manly calories this gives the audience the notion that consuming this drink will lead to such masculine qualities Similarly by marketing their product as Dr Pepper 10 instead of diet soda makes a major impact The media often portrays women as more concerned about their bodies and diet than men

Thus they are often associated with diet soda Therefore marketing the company s product as Dr Pepper 10 as opposed to a diet soda makes it less feminine and consequently further excludes women Lastly as opposed to saying It s for men Dr Pepper s commercial uses the word choice of It s not for women for deliberate reasons Although these phrases are almost identical in meaning the effect the latter has on the audience is much more pronounced Instead of saying It s for men and bringing men together on this product by saying It s not for women Dr Pepper essentially completely dismisses women from buying and consuming its product Through all these linguistic techniques Dr Pepper was able to depict the clear message that their product is not for women Throughout Dr Pepper s commercial a strong male identity is portrayed through various generalizations of masculinity to exclude women For starters the setting shown is a very action themed jungle like war scene where men are seen driving around on motorized vehicles battling each other with laser guns In the same way characters are seen wearing green camouflage and adventurous clothing Likewise the background music within the commercial is very fast paced and thrill themed All three of these aspects are done to appeal and resonate as relatable interests and personalities among the male audience 

Also since people in the military are thought of as fearless brave and heroic by cleverly symbolizing the military and men in war through the aspects in the commercial Dr Pepper promotes these general qualities of masculinity to persuade the audience into believing that their product is a man s drink In this way women are excluded through the general portrayal of masculinity in the commercial Female stereotypes in Dr Pepper s commercial are used against women to create negative feelings within the female audience and prove that the product is not for women The main character welcomes the women watching the commercial by saying Hey ladies Enjoying the film Of course not by alluding to the female stereotype of that women don t like action movies This is said in a rude and condescending tone in essence excluding the female gender to focus on their target audience of males In addition the same character later tells women You can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks we re good stereotyping women as only liking romantic comedies and drinking lady drinks Thus they are not allowed to drink the manly Dr Pepper 10 By targeting women s stereotypes this also makes them have an unpleasant and abysmal perception of the product because they are being excluded in the commercial further isolating women from their product Lastly due to the common perception that women are weaker than men the overall message the advertisement is trying to portray is that Dr Pepper 10 is not for women

Due to how manly and tough the drink is portrayed in the commercial women will not be able to handle drinking Dr Pepper 10 essentially degrading and forbidding women from the product As one can see gender stereotypes are shown throughout the commercial to create negative feelings within the female audience and degrade them from the advertised product In the end due to the various techniques employed by Dr Pepper in their Dr Pepper 10 commercial the female population was excluded from purchasing and consuming their product The way diction and clever word choice were used through language within the commercial clearly depicted that Dr Pepper 10 was not for women In the same way the setting music and clothing were all aspects delivered deliberately to create a strong male identity to explicitly isolating women Lastly the use of female stereotypes created negative feelings within the female audience and thus shows that their drink wasn t for them Indeed the choice to exclude women throughout this commercial was done in the efforts of creating a target audience of men for Dr Pepper s take on diet soda because as mentioned before men do not commonly drink diet soda With the enormous backlash and criticism their commercial faced due to their exclusion of women one could say it was effective since it generated attention and exposure for Dr Pepper s new product

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