Essay Example on How our knowledge increases when we have Doubt









The prescribed title question of this essay concern how our knowledge increases when we have doubt in them however with little confidence we tend to act as if we know more knowledge at hand To try to provide an answer to the statement made in the prescribed title One has to define what confidence is when one has little knowledge and what doubt is when it comes to knowledge To reference this I will try to put the Dunning Kruger effect where it states that It s a phenomenal where people who are really qualified tend to underestimate their ability whereas people who are underqualified tend to over fluctuate their sense of self importance Hence the purpose of these essay is to discuss the statement with two areas of knowledge The two areas of Knowledge that will be use in hand with the prescribed title will be Human sciences and Natural sciences it will allows us to come with evidences that will go in hand with the Prescribed title or go against the statement as a whole And the two ways of knowing that will be used will be Intuition and reason due to their in depth form of knowledge and the processes of forming our conclusion without us being aware of our mental processes To able to discusses the statement above a main knowledge question has to be formed 

To what extent does knowledge increase doubt However to further discuss the statement a second knowledge was established How does intuition and reason increase our doubt on Knowledge Additionally a third question was chosen To what extent is confidence the product of knowledge The first knowledge question to be showcase is To what extent does knowledge increase doubt to be able to approach this knowledge question one has to form a claim which states that Doubt is the main tool that increase knowledge Doubt is defined as the feelings of uncertainty towards the truth and a French philosopher known as Rene Descartes stated that doubt is the origin of wisdom and in some cases you can doubt everything except one thing and that is the fact about doubt As one may say the more doubt you have on something the more curious you will get hence try to contradict each step ahead of you However such doubts on knowledge have been encountered by me so many times especially in the human science In Biology I was skeptic the first time I had that cancer can be cured with the help of gene therapy which will be taken as real life example of the scientific methods

A genes are coded messages that tell cells how to make proteins and in gene therapy the aim is to re introduce the body with new gene where they would attack the antigens that attacks the body and if all things goes well the patient will be in remediation however the FDA's approval on genethrapy was a groundbreaking in United states This gene therapy is designed to treat an often lethal type of blood and bone marrow cancer that affects children and young adults the approach that Novartis suggested is Known as a CAR T therapy and the results were shown remarkable in patients recovery At the beginning the gene therapy was marked as Kymriah and it soul purpose was to treat patient s T cells as a type of immune cell the procedure was done as the patient s T cells were extracted and cryogenically frozen Hence the cells were genetically altered to have a new gene that codes for protein and the its called Chimeric antigen receptors and they are proteins that targets the T cells and kills leukemia cells with a specific antigen on their surface 

The genetically modified cells are then infused back in to the patient Hence this real life situation was are real good example of doubt is the main tool that increases knowledge And in time knowledge will increase and more doubt in concept will lead to more research which ultimately lead to increase in knowledge However a counterclaim to this is doubt is not the only main tool that will increase knowledge Knowledge adds doubts which in turn leads to more knowledge In radio perspective one can reason out without them having doubt In my opinion knowledge is the main concept when we have doubt for example Someone who estimates their chances in winning a lottery they will base their concept to logic and their chances will be fifty fifty however with knowledge in association with doubt your chance will slightly increase On the other hand in order to define what confidence means in the provide statement another knowledge question has to be established How does intuition and reason increase our confidence on Knowledge Both reason and Intuition are way of knowing that shapes and retrieve information by drawing conclusions from facts evidence in our mental processes

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