Essay Example on If We Are So Rich Why Aren't We Happy








The concise sentence that claims the Csikszentmihalyi is if we are so rich why we are not happy The author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is psychology professor at Claremont Graduate University in California He is a founder of positive psychology that studies how people can lead happier This is the paper which he tells why we are not happy even though we have enough money Here all is the summary What we say well which increasing pleasure or increase in happiness or reducing pain although the reverse is it is the one that causes pain or reduces pleasure We do not want to learn much more then we must communicate with us This is our opinion as we have seen so we cannot give our opinion about the use of optimistic feelings and we think happiness as where we are happy that include joy pride gladness and thankfulness People give great value to many things like fame health professions etc because these things will make happy and we value happiness for itself In this way happiness is just one of the main goals for people s objectives that is one in the lower lines of desire To find real happiness we must understand the relationship of material and subjective wellbeing Direct evidence about the alleged relationship

Comes from material and mental health studies It is a pleasure that psychology and other social scientists to start happiness considering a very soft thing and to get started But it shows weaker relationship when we compare within different countries It is not necessary the Material reward make people happy Csikszentmihalyi support his evidence that I will consider why the material elements do not give happiness to people and why they have no need of these type of materialistic happiness the first reason is that they know the trust about increase of expectation and if we give them a certain level of affluence thinking that maybe it will make happy they find that on achieving it they turn out to be immediately habituated and by then they begin craving for the high level of salary property or great wellbeing There are many very different methods to drive attention to increase happiness or to avoid unhappiness Some religions follow the existence of their lives when they promise the endless life of their lives Others believe that unhappiness is due to frustrated goals and dissatisfied desires explain human to avoid such types of desires and avoid unhappiness 

The logic to reduce today To make valuable arrangements everything was made in dollars General measurement which will evaluate each aspect the human process is worth a person and a person the success is determined by the price of those who are taken by them Market unless the painting gets high bid Every culture has developed intoxicants Take heroin to improve the quality of experience directly through chemical sources However my opinion was chemically induced an important element of happiness is lacking it is a responsibility to acquire knowledge Is happy that it does not happen that will occur to some people but what will happen like this I can feel now in my present situation that money is one of the reason for happiness because to stay happy we should not feel stressed out or be with financial tensions which replaces happiness Yes in my opinion I do feel sometimes but there were days where I stayed happily without money I think it's a state of mind which we conquer The Author support his claim by giving another reason is that although rich and famous can be a fruitful person some have ever claimed that the components are enough to please us only Due to the lack of direct relationship between material development and prosperity there are several reasons for the monetary policy Among them are two social cultures  

The wealth of property wealth seems to be rich b its relative deprivation a cultural element lack of alternative prices and various successful lifestyles Depending on the dollar and cents by the maximum a single zero amount can pay for organizational status Psychological Approaches to Happiness that how we can get happiness and it help you are in a blissful state to such a point to the point that you feel as if you nearly don't exist I have encountered this time and time once more My hand appears to be without myself and I have nothing to do with what is occurring I simply stay there viewing in a condition of wonderment what’s more wonderment What’s more the music just streams out independent from anyone else The connection between the chain and the satisfaction is not completely clear Overall among the people of experience the fact that they are not pleasant in the process engaged with the assignment to get the discrimination to consider their mental states are not pleasant Being pleasant is a diverse stream of interference This can happen as it is short term when the experience is over individuals can be positively positioned in a situation that is capable of feeling To be rich it means other are poor it may be mean that other are nameless to be great mean that other are helpless The other who support author points say if I get my happiness from cooking food get car or to coaching a football team it does not decrease the other people happiness CITATION https moodle 2017 2018 fullerton edu mod resource view php id 1099071

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