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Illogical choices based on desire is probably not the best way to solve personal affairs John Updike the author of AP describes how being immature can lead to harsh consequences Sammy the narrator of the story observes the customers of A P from his standpoint behind the cash register He is 19 years of age but relates to the teenage girls who walk into the store and reacts to his manager's authority with youthful rebellion With the choice he makes he faces more doubts and fears about the future than the girls He is now dreading the adult consequences of his actions Sammy is portrayed as an immature young male as developed through his actions comments about other characters and thoughts and feelings Sammy s character is Developed through his action When the three young females enter the store he is quickly distracted from his duties As Sammy explains I stood there with a box of HiHo crackers trying to remember if I rang it up or not I ring it up again and the customer starts giving me hell Updike 438 Sammy is paying attention to each and every move these young ladies make in the store Updike clearly emphasizes what is most important to Sammy right now Some of that actions he takes make him seem childish For example He states that Queenies chest is a clean bare plane of the top of her chest down from the shoulder bones like a dented sheet of metal tilted in the light 

439 Obviously Sammy s careful attention to the details of Queenie s upper body reveal that he cannot stay focused when presented with a young pretty female His immaturity forces him to obsess from hormonal desires rather that working as he should Sammy's physical attraction to these girls also leads to him quitting his job and showing his immaturity As Sammy s manager kicks the girls out of the store Sammy states I quit to Lengel quick enough for them to hear hoping they'll stop and watch me 442 This is the first sign that sammy starts to really care about the women instead of just saying negative remarks to the woman His physical attraction to these girls does show him maturing more However quitting his job to impress them shows the immaturity in him Some of the actions Sammy takes are very childish and not thought through before he makes the move Sammy s character is developed through his comments about other characters His characteristic of immaturity can be inferred before the three girls enter the store by his thoughts about his customers For instance he refers to one of his customers as a witch about fifty with rouge on her cheekbones and no eyebrows Updike 438 Even though it was his mistake in ringing up her box of crackers twice and deserving her scolding He can't admit that he was accountable for being distracted instead of doing his job Sammy makes many comments that are directed toward the customers While working he watches the customers then states I bet you could set off dynamite in A P and tHe people would by and large keep reaching and checking oatmeal off their lists and muttering Let me see 439 He clearly shows his opinion for the customers of AP 

He illustrates that he has a very rebellious attitude Sammy treats life as a joke and doesn't take anything serious For example he also refers to the woman of his town as women with six children and varicose veins mapping their legs 440 Sammy explains how life in town is very different from the life out of town In town women would usually put on some sort of clothing to cover before they get out to the car In town they are more lowkey Once we go beyond the looks of the girls we don't hear anything else but derogatory comments about them and others which shows the immaturity of Sammy Sammy s character is developed through his thoughts and feelings His characteristics of immaturity can be inferred before the three girls enter the store by his thoughts about his customers Sammy illustrates one of the girls as a chunky kid with a good tan and a sweet broad soft looking can with those two crescents of white just under it 437 He makes very detailed observations of these girls bodies It is shown the very first minute they walk in the store Some of Sammy s thoughts are scornful and derogatory He decides to describe some of his customers as house slaves instead of housewives and sheep 442 These examples tell us that Sammy is insulting toward the customers and has a tendency to be disrespectful about others Sammy refers to one of the girls as Queen because she seems to be the leader

He explains that Queen walked straight on slowly on these long white prima donna legs 438 This comment reinforces the idea of immaturity Sammy has These comments make him seem younger than what he really is Sammy s thoughts and feelings make him seem younger than what he really is Sammy is very immature and childish shown through his actions comments and thought and feelings He is important because we witness grow up and mature Even though Sammy is very immature in the beginning of the story by the end he learns that the world doesn t always give what you want

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