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Imagine a person applies for a loan using a mobile app logged in with his social media account uses his social contacts as references registers his signature through touchscreen and the loan application is submitted Within few seconds he gets notified that the loan is approved because our data analytics engine in background verified his social identity calculated a digital credit score using his digital footprint and creditworthiness from other traditional data sources like payment history This is the dream user scenario for a startup based out of Mumbai India called CreditVidya translates to knowledge about one s credit Until recently I worked at CreditVidya as Product Manager New Initiatives and Data Partnerships I realized finding reliable useful data sources to improve algorithm was challenge As a seasoned Product Manager interpreting massive data into product improvements leading to customer satisfaction and business profits is not new to me but the data size grew so did my challenges and inkling that more insights were possible This sparked my interest to pursue a PhD in Data Science to complement my MBA and B Tech on my way to becoming a Data Scientist I am honored to apply to Data Science Ph D at IUPUI to enhance my data analysis and machine learning skills with bigger dream to become a Professor in Informatics 

We generate 2 5 quintillion bytes of data every day from various sources user created like Facebook posts fitness devices sensors on weather satellites to name a few With such massive data generation deriving value from it is becoming more crucial and imminent Data science today even though at nascent stage is improving our lifestyle from product recommendations DNA pattern research to fitness device based health insurance imagine the life where every touch of the user transforms into data insight As I worked in startup world of India it stuck that using data can improve the life of millions of people by utilizing data in effective way This data utilization is currently restricted with lack of infrastructure tools and people My love affair with data started with my first job after undergraduate as a Sales Planner at Fiat Automobiles I learned VB to structure analyze and summarize sales as well as pricing data to balance the supply demand curve and optimize the product pricing As I made my lateral move as Product Manager at Nissan India Automobiles in May 2012 data analysis became pivotal for strategizing and planning the new product launches for Nissan and their new low cost brand Datsun in India till 2020 This research led to the insight that small SUVs are the next best car for Indian consumers and they were a huge success when launched in 2014 In order to have a better business acumen foundation I moved for my MBA and focused on gaining data driven decision making skills such as Data Driven Marketing Marketing Research Pricing CRM Driven marketing and Database Management My internship at Amazon as Product Manager Intern focused on designing digital gift giving user flow to emulate the reciprocity and gratuity of normal gift giving experience using data

After completing my MBA I worked at eBay Classifieds Group as a Mobile Product Manager where I used Google Analytics to improve In app experience of users through designing new features Last one year I have been on a break to focus on family life and still surrounded by data right from conception to birth of child But as data generation increases so does misinterpretation and analysis I have used data in my career of 6 years to enhance profits to improve consumer satisfaction design future products and still feel a lot more was possible I categorize my work as Data Analysis and believe it that the next step is to branch out into Data Science Data science is a growing field but with my background I want to be the bridge that connects the hard part of data analysis to visualizing data and presenting the results to decision makers For the same reason some of courses I am interested in are Machine Learning Big Data and Data Visualization My undergraduate degree in Electronics and Tele communications with courses on basic programming languages like C C HTML SQL Python will surely bolster my successful completion of the program In this world of ever growing data I wish to pursue a career as a Professor in informatics as this nascent field requires more tacit understanding as well as awareness This combines my love for data teaching and pursue research into deriving data insights with choosing right tools data and methods My inquisitiveness hardworking nature and technical skills would prove a boon for research and course work I worked in various sectors companies and projects to optimize production decrease losses and increase customer satisfaction but realized that the best value derivable from data is in solving bigger problems faced by society like global warming disease outspread crop yield improvement As various governments invest in infrastructure we need right tools and people Teaching the next generation with solid data analytical skills and researching on new methodologies is most value I can provide to society

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