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Imagine the roles were switched between you and your dog and your dog went out with a couple of friends and a pack of beer How would you feel knowing that according to the US department of health and human services about 28 people die each day due to motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol impaired driver 2015 wouldn't you be a bit concerned I know I would In a recent Budweiser ad a man is shown to bring a new puppy home they go out places play together take care of each other and build a relationship to that we recognize as a best friend while all this is going on the song I ll be waiting by Dan Rodriguez is playing in the background One night the dog's owner goes out with a couple of friends and a pack of budweisers it shows the dog playing alone and looking at the cars that pass by in hopes that one of those cars is his owners sirens start playing in the background the screen goes black and the words for some the waiting never ended but we can change that appear on the screen The owner finally shows up and apologizes to his best friend for not coming home that night Someone waits for you at home don t drink and drink uses a variety of tactics to persuade the targeted audience not to drink and drive with the use of music as well as the cliche a dog is a man's best friend to affect the way you perceive the message also by using reverse psychology towards the end of the ad it gives the audience initiative to remember that there could be negative outcomes for not making the right decisions The ad starts of with the owner saying welcome home buddy and immediately the song i ll be waiting starts playing in the background Music is a tactic used by many advertisers to appeal the emotions of the targeted audience according to Benjamin F M 

Novoa music is the expression of ideas and emotions or that some may call logos logic and pathos emotion in circles of persuasion 2018 advertisers use music as a method of persuasion to direct the audience to perceive the video in the direction they want them to conceive it Advertisers take the time to carefully choose the right song songs according to the research done by the University of Groningen prove that music doesn't only affect your mood rather it also changes the way that you perceive things for example in this particular ad the song talks waiting for someone to come home and the relationship of a best friend by showing what the song is saying viewers use what they see with what they hear to mentally compare that to what they know to build up expectations of how the message should be conceived By doing so according to the Nelson company advertisements use music to effectively create memories on a emotional level by using both information and emotive power to influence the targeted audience Someone waits for you at home also uses the cliche a dog is a man's best friend a cliche is like an idiom its an expression that is widely recognized and has a meaning that most people know A dog is a man's best friend is an expression that many people refer to when they have or want a dog Dogs have been domesticated dating back to 15 000 years ago dogs like humans are social beaning that have served as helpers for those with disabilities since the 1970 s and have been service dogs since 1929 

According to Kristina Kledzik 2017 dogs have proven to be loyal and kind animals who require attention and affection which make them the perfect candidate for a best friend Psychologically this connection makes sense because both man and dog are social beings Neither can thrive when alone and both benefit mentally and often physically from such a strong bond by proving this the ad makes you feel sympathy towards the best friend left behind after a party night with beer when they make you think that the owner isn't coming back Towards the end of the ad theres is a slight moment where the screen goes black and the words for some the waiting never ended Make a plan to make it home Your friends are counting on you appear on the screen According to Adam Sinicki reverse psychology is a technique used to present an idea that is opposite to what you want them to believe to help them reach a conclusion For instance in the ad the chronological events lead you to believe that the owner will not be coming back causing you to feel sympathy and make you think of what you would do in their place afterwards it shows the owner coming back home and apologizing to his best friend for not coming back that night giving the viewers some kind of relief to know that the owner is back and that the two best friends have reunited In conclusion there are a variety of way that advertisements use tactics to convey and persuade a targeted audience to feel a certain way Not only do advertisements use psychological effects to target emotion they also use logic to make the message that they want you to perceive clear Someone waits for you at home is meant to leave an impact on you as well as make the message they put across memorable not only because you can relate to it but because it causes an emotional connection between you and the advertisement

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