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Engaging and Supportive Work Environment Digi believe having the most engaged employees is key to our continuous and sustained Through adopting an open culture they cultivate an environment that encompasses our values by keeping our promises respecting all stakeholders making it easy and being inspiring Digi s Initiatives Strengthening Employee Engagement Digi continued to invest strategically in the engagement and well being of their employees They were engaged in digizens through multiple platforms where they listen encourage open dialogues and proactively seek feedback The success of these engagements is reflected in a 4 rise in Digi s annual employee engagement survey They launched the refocused Telenor Way building upon their strong cohesive corporate culture to drive continuous growth for Digi This redefined Telenor Way clearly outlines our aspirations and standards for business conduct for all employees and introduced a new set of Leadership attitudes or e4 to guide their management team The e4 defines the mindset expected of their leaders to explore engage empower and execute in steering the company forward A series of workshops were conducted for leaders to understand and internalize this new set of behaviors They also conducted an employee welfare related policy roadshow to gain feedback from Digizens on matters most pertinent to these This resulted in more comprehensive employee benefits and performance incentives Follow up engagements were conducted to close the feedback loop Best on People Council For the third continuous year the Best on People Council BOPC provided another regular sounding board between the management and Digizens in the spirit of building an engaging and supportive work environment 

In 2014 the 17 member council addressed 55 issues with Digi management relating to employee benefits development and rewards workplace facilities and employee welfare were addressed These issues were addressed to in close alignment with feedback received via the policy roadshow First Collective Agreement Digi respects and supports the right to organize and the right to collective bargaining within national laws and regulations Aligned to this they signed their first collective agreement with the newly formed in house union Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Employees Union DGEU in December The collective agreement recognizes DGEU as the sole bargaining body for all eligible employees covering all permanent employees of Digi apart from with executive managerial confidential and security functions in Peninsular Malaysia the agreement regulates the relationship between Digi and DGEU and covers a wide range of employment terms and conditions for eligible employees Promoting Health Safety and Wellness Healthy and safety of their employees are important for the long term sustainability of company performance Health and safety is reported to the Board of Directors quarterly and reviewed annually by the Digi management team Their regional offices retail outlets and main switching centers are certified OHSAS 18001 compliant and undergo annual management internal systems audits Each regional operation has a health and safety committee including equally of management and employee representatives They continue to drive safety awareness and capacity building of our employees to be the example in the industry All employees are inducted into the Digi health and safety culture through video learning as part of their onboarding regional champions and two supply chain business assurance inspectors

They developed customized training for their field force team and retail stores They ensure that their employees certifications for working at height with the Construction Industrial Development Board and first aid are up to date Ensuring fast and correct response in times of emergencies can save the lives of their employees The Central Emergency Response Team was trained in fire and evacuation by the local fire department They conducted two random and one announced fire drill to ensure employees act accordingly in times of emergency A crisis simulation exercise was held for Digi management team to ensure fast response to business critical emergencies such as network outages and data migration to the new system They support the wellness of their employees An in house fitness center at D House allows access to fitness facilities and fitness activities such as weekly aerobics classes and friendly games between divisions are regularly organized distributed to employees three times a week Employees can also opt to monetize their employee benefits to pay for gym membership Customer Centricity Digi has a strong track record in fostering a customer focused culture and way of work across their entire value chain They continued to nurture this customer centric mindset by enabling millions customer engagement platforms for Digizens across all levels Their senior management team leads by example with quarterly regional tours to engage employees and strengthen relationships with dealers Digizens are immersed in this culture by attending a two day attachment at a Digi Store as part of their onboarding process listening to and answering customer calls at our contact center and participating in quarterly network drive tests to develop a strong understanding of our customers needs Digizens participation in their annual Customer First Day to appreciate customers demonstrates and deepens their commitment to a culture of placing customers

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