Essay Example on Investigated the two half scale steel plate shear wall with the height to Width









Astaneh and Zhao in an experimental research investigated the two half scale steel plate shear wall with the height to width ratio of about 1 1 5 The main objectives of the tests were to establish the cyclic behavior of steel shear wall systems using concrete filled tubes as boundary elements and internal columns beams and steel shear walls as the lateral load resisting system The main parameters studied were stiffness strength and ductility under cyclic shear displacements Both specimens behaved in a very ductile and desirable manner 1 Elgaaly and Caccese carried out experimental studies on steel plate shear walls Six three story one bay specimens subjected to the cyclic horizontal load at the roof level The results showed that the increased strength of the system due to the increased thickness of the wall is negligible and when medium thick plates are used the failure mode is governed by column instability 3 Alavi and Nateghi in an experimental study carried out the investigation of three steel plate shear wall One of the specimens is unstiffened and the two others are diagonally stiffened which in one of them has a circular opening It is observed that the perforated shear wall with diagonal stiffeners has shear strength almost equal to the unstiffened wall with the solid panel 4 Sabouri and Sajjadi in a theoretical and experimental research tested two one story steel plate shear walls with and without stiffeners 

The results showed that installation of stiffeners increase the energy dissipation capacity and shear stiffness of the steel plate but its effect on the SPSW strength was minor 5 Jian Guo Nie et al investigate the seismic behavior of three stiffened steel plate shear walls One of the specimens is without opening and the two others have openings The results showed that stiffened steel plate shear walls have suitable seismic behavior and opening decreases strength and stiffness of the shear wall 6 Lanhui Guo et al in an experimental research carried out the investigation on steel plate shear walls which are connected to frame beams only The results showed that this kind of specimen had good energy dissipation capacity and ductility and installation of the stiffeners on free edges increased energy dissipation capacity of the specimen but had no significant influence on the strength and ductility of the members 7 Alinia and Dastfan carried out a numerical study of steel shear panel Also investigated the cyclic behavior of the stiffened shear panels The results showed that the unstiffened shear panels had a ductile behavior and buckled in initial loading process and did not have sufficient energy dissipation 8 Hong Chao Guo et al in a numerical and experimental research on stiffened and unstiffened steel plate shear wall concluded that the stiffeners increased the specimen yield load and the specimen with diagonal stiffener had more ultimate bearing capacity than the specimen with cross stiffener 9 Alinia and Sarraf carried out a numerical investigation to provide a practical design method for stiffening thin steel plate shear walls

Also the effects of optimized stiffeners on the post buckling behavior and ultimate load bearing capacity of stiffened shear walls was studied For this purpose the models with one sided transverse and longitudinal flat stiffeners located in various arrangements on shear plates have been investigated 10 Wang Meng et al in a numerical study investigated eight typical steel shear wall models with different structural construction details Results show that the proposed low yield point steel plate shear wall with T type stiffened ribs could most improve the energy dissipation capacity ductility strength and reduce the out of plane deformation and the impact of tension field on the columns 11 Grondin et al conducted an analysis of steel plates with tee shape stiffeners under uniaxial compression and combined uniaxial compression and bending In these researches a series of non dimensional parameters were used to express the behavior of the steel plates 12 13 Ghassemieh and heidari in an analytical research investigated the dynamic and cyclic behavior of steel plate shear wall The results showed that adding stiffeners ameliorates the shear wall behavior in some cases although installation of stiffeners for the SPSW may cause initial imperfections in the connections and increase the overall cost 14 Park et al carried out a research to investigate the cyclic behavior of steel thin plate shear walls The results showed that if the steel plate shear walls are well designed display large strength ductility and energy dissipation capacity 15 Tsai et al in analytical and experimental studies used horizontal restrainers on the web plate of a narrow steel shear wall to reduce the force demands on the boundary members by limiting the magnitude of the out of plane buckling of the web plate 16 17 Zhao and Qiu carried out an analytical study of investigated elastic buckling and nonlinear pushover of stiffened and unstiffened steel plate shear walls subjected to lateral and gravity loading Results showed that stiffened steel plate shear walls with the limited number of channel stiffeners have higher lateral strength and stiffness and much less out of plane displacement compared with the unstiffened steel plate shear walls Especially when gravity effects are considered 18

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