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Knowledge and confidence successful together and useless apart Knowledge being defined as understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study either known by one person or by people generally where as confidence is the quality of being certain of your abilities or having trust in people plans or the future Without a doubt confidence and knowledge are very important traits one can acquire They work hand in hand to create a collective foundation for accomplishments As a Persian proverb says doubt is the key to knowledge In relation to this proverb this leads us to our knowledge question which is To what extent can increased knowledge increase doubt It will be discussed how confidence comes from knowing little and how when the knowledge increases so does the doubt in two areas of knowledge which are history and religion History is the story of the past and no one can go in those times to ascertain the truth In the modern era as technology is advancing it makes it easier for individuals to access information that has occurred in the past through these findings we can acquire whether the event actually took place or not and what actually the consisted of in this way we can attain more knowledge than what we actually had Claiming that people know little and they are confident and do not have doubt when we look at the great Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma was an eminent freedom activist and an influential political leader who played a dominant role in India's struggle for independence 

He is revered by many as he led a very simple and righteous life He believed anyone can become a great soul if one wishes to be so That is what everyone believed This being the little facts that they knew However he did have a negative side which not many people know all these facts and continue to revere him countering this that more facts is actually good since its brings out understanding and more knowledge One such example was the treatment of his wife In 1943 when his wife Kasturba had contracted an illness and was hemorrhaging badly Gandhi allegedly wrote to her My struggle is not merely political It is religious and therefore quite pure It does not matter much whether one dies in it or lives I hope and expect that you will also think likewise and not be unhappy Gandhi also forbade doctors from giving his wife penicillin arguing that it was a foreign medicine and stating that If God wills it he will pull her through God did not his wife died on February 22 1944 after months of suffering But his great grandson claims that criticisms arising out of this maybe out of context as Gandhi did not want penicillin to be given to his wife as she was a strict vegetarian One would wonder what is more important life or culture Thus based on the explanation and example above it can be proved that doubt in history can bring knowledge closer to the truth hence increase of knowledge and confidence Therefore there must be a same level between doubts and confidence before we believe the truth We must have an equal level between doubts and confident before accepting and believing the truth Doubt is the main key in gaining knowledge as the more we doubt the more we tend to research until we come to the truth 

We have discussed how doubt increases knowledge in history and now we relate the same to religion Religion being defined a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of person or sects It is true that confidence comes with the little knowledge we have especially in religious area An example is to teach a child about a religion and is told to accept it as the fact and when the child grows up he learns more about their religion or other religions other beliefs and cultures and then his doubt increases Which is the fact and which is not On the other hand we try to convince a child with the knowledge we have and since the child has little knowledge he she will be certain that what we the adults are telling him her is the truth however as the child grows up and learns the other religions it increase her his knowledge to reason out which is the best and right religion for instance how does exposure to religion influence young children's learning Claiming that little children have little knowledge and so they will celebrate anything Christian children know there is a Santa Claus or father Christmas and he does come home and give presents during Christmas time but who is Santa Claus actually Today he is thought of mainly as the jolly man in red but his story stretches all the way back to the 3rd century The name Santa Claus evolved from Nick s Dutch nickname Sinter Klaas a shortened form of Sint Nikolaas Dutch for Saint Nicholas However no one knows that until one googles The smaller children think he flies on his reindeer to bring them gifts Only the older the children know that it is one of the family member who dresses up like Santa and distributes gifts A question for future research is whether a similar pattern will emerge among children raised in a different religious tradition For example will children growing up in a Buddhist or Hindu community draw the same conclusions as children growing up in a Christian community More generally it will be important to identify what it is about a novel story that prompts children to connect it to their religious education

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