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Literature review Kadaria 2012 finds out the relationship between different factors that affecting the long term investors decision making behavior The researcher find that some factors like the majority of investors are youngers and young investors not use their skills bitterly mostly investors prefer capital gain are factors that affect the investors behavior In this research the researcher used primary data Researcher collect the data through structures questionnaire and collect the date through online email from the employees of Nepalese stock market Researcher used this method to find out the impact of variables that affect the investor's behavior stud shows a significant relationship between two variables At the end of this article researcher find significant relationship between perfect positive variable 1 and perfect negative variable 1 Kadariya july 2012 Islamoglu Apan and Ayvali 2015 find out the relationship between determinations of factors that affect the individual investor behavior In this research they are used secondary date they get the date after scanning the other articles They find some factors that affect the individual investor behavior are Personal characteristics attitudes towards risks incomes and tendency of saving money differ among people 

They are used the fifteen hypothesis and find out the significant level of variables at α 0 05 the first ten hypotheses formed according to the purpose of the research were accepted and five hypotheses which did not have enough significance level and were non acceptable were not accepted At the end they find out the significant level is positive between B I B and investors behavior islamoglu Apan Ayvali 2015 Nagy and Obenberger 1994 conduct a survey to determine the criteria to identifying the factors that affect the individual equity investors that invest in long term period wealth of 500 farms For this purpose they used primary research They are visits itself in different firms and collect data through questionnaire According to this indication wealth maximization criteria were found significant among respondents while the effect of recommendations of brokerage houses individual stock brokers family members and co workers were identified as insignificant R A R W 1994 Kiran and Rao 2005 are complete our research in Indian investors of stock exchange They examined whether demographic and psychographic variables were effective on risk taking capacity of Indian investors For this purpose they conduct a sampling survey By analyzing the collected data through multinomial logistic regression and factor analysis of SPSS they proved a strong relationship between risk taking attitude and demographic and psychographic variables at significant level Rao p 2005 Bennet et al 2011 conduct a survey to identify various factors that affect retail investors attitude towards investing in equity stock markets Researcher conducts a survey to retail investors of Tamil Nadu India For this purpose researcher collect data through strong questionnaire and full fills up for the investors of Tamil Nadu India

After collecting data researcher analyzed through descriptive statistics and FA According to the test results out of the total 26 variables researcher find out that five factors investors tolerance for risk strength of the Indian economy media focus on the stock market political stability and government policy towards business had a very high influence over retail investors attitude towards investing in equity stocks E m G 2011 Agarwal Verma and Kumar Agarwal 2016 have complete case study about factors influence individual investors in decision making They are complete our study about behavior finance and select the role of behavior finance in stock market They research how the behavior finance is affecting the individual investor's decision making process For this purpose they use secondary research and select some old articles related to this study They define how the behavior finance provide the way of investors how they invest in stock market Behavioral finance offers many useful insights for investment professionals and thus provides a framework for evaluating active investment strategies for the investors Agarwal Verma Agarwal 2016 Ansari and Sana 2013 find out factors affecting investment behavior among new young professional s in this research they find out some factors that create problems for new young investors According to the study it can be inferred that majority of investors invest for growth and additional income and the major factor that guides their investment decision is risk factor which means that investors mostly are risk averse For this purpose they use Preliminary Study with sampling design and data collection This study has helped in throwing light on factors that creates an impact on investing activity of young professionals Ansari Moid 2013 This research is completed by Hussain and Hassan 2005 Complete our research in UAE investors and find out the factors that influencing the individual investor behavior 

For this purpose they are use secondary data and Questionnaire they get help from past researches They make a strong questionnaire that contain in at least thirty four questions that are divided into five categories They find out that fifty percent factors that are most create problems in the way of investors In these factors the family members are most strong factor that affects the investor behavior the second is self image and firm image is most strongly factor that affects the investor behavior A Tamimi 2005 Merikas Merikas Vozikis and Parsad that are find the relationship between economic factors and individual investors to find this relationship they collect the name and address of high experienced 400 shareholders and send email these investors contain strong questionnaire Out of 400 shareholders 150 shareholders full fill this questionnaire is 37 5 percentages These researchers find out 26 results through literature view and 74 through questionnaire and find importer factors that influence the investor and then they give rating according to five categories that they a make In these factors they give high priority on government policies and they give rate is 58 The second is corporate earning is 78 according to frequency distribution Merikas Merikas Vozikis Prasad

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