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Generation Y and Generation X workers could learn from more experienced Baby Boomer.

Many problems people see with the Y Generation have exaggerated the myths of having a sense of entitlement, having poor communication skills and being job hoppers Chatroop 2013. Most Generation Y employees have not been in the workforce long enough to have earned these reputations but are still labeled with them. The most likely outcome for the Millennials is that they will find the job that challenges and excites them and stay put and work just as hard as the other generations have. You may not be too surprised to find that Generation X and Generation Y share a lot of commonalities both generations are extremely driven by causes or purposes and need a balance between life and work. They are both heavies into networking in different ways and both enjoy and look for challenges. The gap in social media usage between the two groups is actually falling by the day according to Pew research Chatroop 2013. Company culture can directly impact the communications between generations in the workplace.

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Food and Beverages companies stricture and management review.

The substance of this project report is the original work of the three partners and due references and acknowledgments have been made where necessary to the work of others. No part of this report has been already accepted for any degree and it is not being currently submitted in the candidature of any degree. Turnitin based plagiarism report with this document as ANNEX. The acceptable similarity is 10 at max. Countersigned By Manager. This project is dedicated to our parents who sacrificed their present for our future and tried beyond their resources and expectations to give us all the facilities and happiness of life. They are entirely responsible for all of our educational achievements and accomplishments without their faith, acceptance, affection, love, support, appreciation and the values which they have imparted on us it would not have been possible. They taught us that the best kind of knowledge to have is what we have learned for its own sake.

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The Jugaad Innovation: Think frugal, Be flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth Book Review

If you grew up in India the word Jugaad is something that we have lived it. An inventive solution to a problem which is of very limited resources is signified by this word. Jugaad is not a wrong mean, but it is a unique way of doing a specific type of work in an easy way. This book adds not only a flexible but also an economical approach to innovations. The writers Navi Simone, Ahuja, and Jaideep Prabhu have given higher emphasis to innovation, which is an essential key to success in the 21st century. Mansukh Prajapatis meeting with Simone's initiates the story who developed a refrigerator at a cost of RS 2500 made of clay and runs without electricity. Access to cold water and the ability of storing fruits and vegetables for up to three days in rural India have all been because of Prajapati's innovation. No engineering degree was required for Prajapati to achieve a goal to fulfill the dreams of the villagers. In fact, he didn't even complete his schooling. That's innovation at its finest. I have seen many such Jugaad with my own eyes like in rural areas people use cow dung on the floor and walls so that houses don't get too warm. The last monsoon there was one more innovative idea which was trended that was cover for scooters i.e the person sitting on scooter doesn't get wet while rains. Hundreds of examples can be taken from the book, those are drawn from countries like India, China, Brazil, Kenya and lots of other places in the world.

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Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough, Growth. Book Review.

Author of the Book Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu and  Simone Ahuja. Title of the Book Jugaad Innovation Think Frugal Be Flexible Generate Breakthrough Growth. Name of the Publisher Jossey Bass Place of Publication USA Year of Publication 2012. On the off chance that you have experienced childhood in India, Jugaad is something that we have lived it. It implies finding an inventive answer for an issue emerging out of exceptionally restricted assets. I recollect how two of my companions used to get one course reading amongst them and afterward attack half contemplate from it and afterward trade their parts to keep considering. It influenced constrained assets to go far. This book composed by Navi Radjou Jaideep Prabhu and Simone Ahuja is about a thrifty and adaptable way to deal with advancement for the 21st century. The book begins with Simone’s gathering with Mansukh who has planned a refrigerator that costs. Rupees 2500 made out of earth called Mitticool and keeps running without power.

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Study on relationship between supply chain integration Just in Time and Logistics performance in Malaysia

Introduction. The purpose of this report is to study the relationship between supply chain integration Just in Time and Logistics performance in Malaysia, especially on industry automotive. We are required to related our Assignment 1 with our Project assignment title Just in time. Through this we able to understand how these few task to impact on logistic performance. The article was using the questionnaire to do survey in order to collect the data for analysis. Through this survey they get know mostly responden considered used supply chain integration for business operation. Critique. The Author’s Conclusions and Propositions. Based on the article the relationship between supply chain integration just in time and logistics performance a suppliers perspective on the automotive industry in Malaysia. We all have read all the pages of the article then we are agree with this article. It is because the article are explain about the relationship between SCI JIT and Logistics performance in the automotive industries in Malaysia. Malaysia have a lot of automotive industries like Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota and so on so integration of supply chain in the company is the most important. The supply chain integration means a close alignment and coordination within a supply chain often with the use of shared management information systems.
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