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Minimum wage has been a big part of The United States ever since 1912 In 1912 Massachusetts was the first state to pass minimum wage laws These laws were mainly for women and children The commission on minimum wage board of Massachusetts said Whenever wages are less than the cost of living and the reasonable provision for maintaining the worker in health the industry employing her is in receipt of the working energy of a human being at less than its cost and to the extent is parasitic Garofalo In 1938 the Fair Labor Standard Act FLSA put national minimum wage laws into place Franklin D Roosevelt put the FLSA into place This act made it so those who worked over time were not underpaid and they put a limit on how many hours a week someone could work The national minimum wage can only be raised by congressional action it does not raise with inflation Since 1938 when they passed this act 12 presidents have raised the wages 22 different times In today's world the nation s minimum wage rate is seven dollars and twenty five cents per hour The standard is forty hours a week if an employee exceeds those hours they are supposed to get payed a time and a half for all overtime The reason for minimum wage is to help keep people out of poverty and to not take advantage of individuals Since the purpose of minimum wage is to keep society out of poverty minimum wage has to be different in almost every state If the purpose of minimum wage is to keep people out of poverty 

Than why has the sale prices escalated over the years and the national minimum wage has not increased since 2009 It has been nine years since the amount has increased Senator Bernie Sanders has a few things to say about minimum wage and poverty While 20 percent of working families earning the 7 25 minimum wage or below live in poverty 13 percent of families with a worker earning up to 12 per hour live in poverty and 5 percent of families of with a worker earning up to 16 per hour live in poverty Sanders has called for legislation to increase the federal minimum wage to a living wage of 15 per hour As this new report shows 7 25 minimum wage is a starvation wage that is not enough to keep working families out of poverty Sanders said The United States Congress must raise the minimum wage to a living wage 15 an hour Minimum wage too low The result of having minimum wage so low is then the government has to make programs just so people can survive Whether these programs are a good thing or not people should not have to rely on the government to make sure they are surviving This is the reason why it is a good thing when different states have different minimum wages The reason different states have to have diverse amounts for minimum wage is the fact that it costs more to live in certain states such as California Washington D C and Oregon In other states such as Wyoming Idaho Georgia and Alabama the cost of living is substantially cheaper Most states have laws about minimum wage and if they do not they have to abide by the national laws and set amount This is meaning that since it is expensive to live in more populated states the minimum wage law is a greater number than the federal one 

For example the minimum wage you would get in California would be around ten dollars and fifty cents per hour In Wyoming you would only get five dollars and fifteen cents California is more than doubled what Wyoming pays but the cost of living is well over double what it costs to live in Wyoming California passed a state law in 2017 which increases the minimum wage every year for five years California's department of industrial relations states Effective January 1 2017 the minimum wage for all industries will increase yearly From January 1 2017 to January 1 2022 the minimum wage will increase for employers employing 26 or more employees This increase will be delayed one year for employers employing 25 or fewer employees from January 1 2018 to January 1 2023 The Governor based on certain determinations may temporarily suspend the scheduled increases Dir CA Almost everyone that lives in the state of California is entitled to federal and state minimum wage laws However when there is a conflict between federal and state laws The employer must follow the stricter standard that is the one that is the most beneficial to the employee Dir CA Wyoming has a significantly lower minimum wage compared to other states In 1998 the national minimum wage was changed to 5 15 In 2002 Wyoming finally changed their minimum wage from 1 60 an hour to 5 15 per hour Their minimum wage has not changed since Those under twenty years of age can be legally payed 4 25 for the first ninety days of employment In some states including Wyoming the minimum wage rates are controlled by the state legislature During Wyoming s 2014 legislative session a bill was introduced that would have raised the state's minimum wage from 5 15 to 9 00 per hour and raised the base pay for tipped employees from 2 13 to 5 00 per hour The bill failed an introductory vote in the House of Representatives 51 9

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