Essay Example on My father took Ali in he loved him like his own Son









What did he say Why would I ever want to do this Why would he speak like this My father took Ali in he loved him like his own son I loved Ali like my own brother I ve grown up with Ali for my whole life 40 goddamn years and Amir expects me to throw him out When I was just a boy my father who was a judge in Kabul brought home a five year old Hazara boy who was orphaned after drunk drivers killed his parents My father adopted him into my own household and told the other servants to tutor him but be kind to him In theory we were brothers but because of the the differences of race in Kabul things were never really equal between us I am a Pashtun and Ali however is a Hazara which means he is destined to be a servant We grew up together as childhood playmates at least until polio crippled his leg It was in fact just like Amir and Hassan grew up but a generation later To be completely honest I don't think I can imagine my life without Ali Amir brings me shame I am amazed that he would even think that let alone say it I mean this is their home and we are their family If he ever asks me that question again I might lose it I ve never laid a hand on Amir but after this I m not so sure Amir has never made me proud this proves why I just want him to be a young man that I can be proud of but I'm not sure he'll ever live up to my expectations and I just crave I ll find a way for him to be a man I want him to play soccer a sport I participated in as a child But he was pathetic a failure I took him to a Buzkashi tournament but that ended with Amir crying He's not becoming the young man I wish he would Instead he is off reading poetry and writing stories a hobby I disapprove of Amir also has no courage or bravery 

Sometimes I look out of the window and see him playing in the street with the neighbourhood boys I see how they push him around take his toys from him give him a shove here a whack there And you know he never fights back Never His lack of guts worry me I don't understand how standing back and taking a beating will help Amir grow into a man I can be proud of To think I raised my son to have these thoughts when all Hassan and Ali have ever been to Amir is kind gentle and caring I had noticed something was wrong with Amir and Hassan but whatever it is they need to deal with it not me I am staying out of it because Amir needs to learn that what he said was wrong and what he owes Hassan is a lifelong supply of gratitude and love If he does not do things for himself how can he ever grow into a man Hassan was Amir s best friend Amir is Hassan s brother I cannot mention that yet as the time is not right I mean brothers fight but they will deal with it and overcome it They have to if they want any kind of relationship together in the future but Amir must do it on his own They've shared the same mother they ve fed on the same bosom they ve spent their whole life together From birth until present Amir and Hassan have loved each other but that love is fading into nothing Sometimes I appraise Hassan more than 

Amir I mean he is the golden boy Hassan was always better and more capable than Amir in physical activities that went on around them Hassan is also faster and stronger than Amir is Hassan is a tough kid and he stands up for himself and Amir whenever there is trouble amongst them He also owns up to everything and says it is his fault when I can obviously sense it was Amir I am proud of Hassan for being my son It's so complex trying to love Hassan without anyone knowing the truth If Hassan found out would he still want me to be his father I always tell Amir that there is only one sin only one And that is theft Every other sin is a variation of theft When you kill a man you steal a life you steal his wife's right to a husband rob his children of a ather When you tell a lie you steal someone's right to the truth When you cheat you steal the right to fairness there is no act more wretched than stealing I feel so much guilt as that is what I am actually doing I wish he could ve found out before and I fear if I tell him it might be over I sometimes think it is the best thing to do and sometimes I don't However I don't want to risk losing my perfect son I might be losing Amir so I can't risk losing Hassan

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