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Introduction Phthalic acid is a colorless aromatic dicarboxylic acid with an isomer of iso phthalic acid and Terephthalic acid The most commonly used commercial form of phthalic acid is phthalic anhydride Phthalic acid used as an initiator for the formation of phthalates Plastic goods are made from phthalates to increase their softness and flexibility Phthalates formed by the esterification of phthalic acid at 2 carboxyl functional groups Plasticizers used in several products such as for the formation of toys cosmetics medical tubes blood bags plastic bags and plastic bottles Diethylhexyl phthalate DEHP and polyvinyl chloride used for the hemodialysis of the patients According to the research it was found that in the U S over 97 Americans were found to have phthalate metabolites such as monoethyl phthalate MEP mono butyl phthalate MBP and mono benzyl phthalate MBzP in their urine Phthalates have a negative impact on human health as they play an important role in causing asthma cardiotoxicity hepatotoxicity genital diseases and nephrotoxicity 1 High molecular weight phthalates such as butyl benzyl phthalate di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate and a mixture of di n octyl phthalate renowned for their use as plasticizer in polyvinyl chloride materials such as food packaging flooring and medical devices Phthalates that are added to cosmetics and personal care products as a solvent fixatives and adhesives are low molecular weight phthalates such as dimethyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate Phthalates cause environmental pollution due to their non covalent bonds with parent materials 2 

Mixed ligand complexes of Pd II and Pt II ions with phthalic acid showed the highest antibacterial activity against seven pathogenic bacteria three grams positive and four gram-negative 3 phthalic anhydride which is a derivative of phthalic acid considered as a most important constituent of chemical industry and used for the formation of plasticizers 56 unsaturated polyester resins 17 and alkyd resins 17 Phthalic anhydride also used to produce pigments and dyes agricultural pharmaceutical and several other chemical products Those materials that contain Phthalic anhydride as an important constituent are used in coatings applications for home appliances automobiles medical devices and furniture 4 The multifaceted ability of o phthalic acid allows for a variety of structures ranging from discrete complexes to 1D 2D and 3D architectures Zinc II Complexes Based on ortho Phthalic Acid due to their captivating architectures and exceptional physical and chemical properties such as photoluminescence and nonlinear optical NLO properties catalysis separation and sorption used in the design of new metal-organic frameworks MOFs which show high absorption and thermal stability 

The presence of two carboxylic group in o phthalic acid allow the formation of mono nuclear complexes and polynuclear multidimensional systems 5 phthalate based copper II and cobalt II coordination polymers using imidazole Im as the amine Cu Pht Im 2 1 5H2O n 1 and Co Pht Im 2 n 2 due to their crystal structures used in the catalytic activity towards the oxidation of cyclohexene using hydrogen peroxide as oxidant under aerobic conditions 6 Perfume fragrance to be evaporated more slowly making the scent linger longer using DMP and DEP and a small amount of DBP makes the nail polish chip resistance In Cellulose esters printing inks and adhesives formulations DBP mostly used PVC obtained from the phthalates used as a lubricant among the long polymer chains allowing them to slip and slide again one another The amount of the phthalate in a finished plastic products is in the range of 10 60 by weight DINP widely used for the formation of children vinyl products construction materials and other useful products Flexible PVC containing 20 50 is very useful for producing medical devices such as bags and tubing used for blood transfusion kidney dialysis or dosing antibiotics delivered intravenously 7 N phthaloyl amino acids which is prepared by melting amino acids with phthalic acid used for the thermal condensation of the organic compounds 8 The yeast Candida albicans is an important fungal pathogen 

Their infection can lead to the development of vaginal thrush a condition from which most of the women suffer in their life time To treat this disease manganese acetate complexes with the phthalic acid and phenanthroline Mn ph phen 2H20 used which inhibit the growth of Candida albicans 9 Mixed ligand complexes of phthalic acid with Zn II and Succinic acid are synthesized The complexes of Zn II having good biological and exhibited enhanced activities as compared to their parental ligands The complexes of Zn II showed good bacterial and fungicidal effects Complexes of phthalic acid with Zn II are diamagnetic In metal complexes phthalic acid serves as a bridging ligand to connect metal ions through the four oxygen atoms of its two carboxylate groups 10 The complexes of anthranilic acid and phthalic anhydride ligands with cadmium Cd copper Cu of cobalt Co lead Pb and Tin Sn were synthesized and screened for anti pathogenic effect The complex of cobalt Co anthranilic acid and Phthalic anhydride ligands have better anti pathogenic effect compared to the rest of three metal complexes The cobalt complex shows better activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa For treatment of bacterial infection the use of such complexes might be better 11 phthalate derivatives of cadmium show diverse pathological effects It has been found to induce various pathological effects such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer 12

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