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Physician assisted suicide is voluntary termination of a persons life by a lethal substance often in the form drugs prescribed by a physician this is done with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician Physician suicide is a perfectly ethical option for a person who is terminally ill or suffering This illness pain and suffering can cause one to feel as though they have no other option but to die so that they can be relieved and taken out of their misery Although it is the patients choice whether they would like to die in this manner it is against the law in many states including New York Physician assisted suicide is only legal in five states Oregon Vermont Washington California Colorado and District of Columbia euthanasia procon org Physician assistant suicide should be legal in all states because people have the right to choose how they would like to live their lives Being that physician assistant suicide is illegal it gives people less control over their lives and takes away from their rights 

There are many rules to physician assisted suicide and in each state the laws are different In Oregon the physician must be a Doctor of Medicine M D or Doctor of Osteopathy D O licensed to practice medicine by the Board of Medical Examiners for the State of Oregon The physician must also be willing to participate in the Act In Vermont only a doctor of medicine or osteopathy licensed to practice medicine in Washington may write this prescription A physician nurse pharmacist or other person shall not be under any duty by law or contract to participate in the provision of a lethal dose of medication to a patient In Washington only a doctor of medicine or osteopathy licensed to practice medicine in Washington may write this prescription participation is entirely voluntary Health care providers are not required to provide prescriptions or medications to qualified patients In California An individual seeking to obtain a prescription for an aid in dying drug shall submit two oral requests a minimum of 15 days apart and a written request to his or her attending physician The attending physician shall directly and not through a designee receive all three requests required pursuant to this section In Colorado Allows an eligible terminally ill individual with a prognosis of six months or less to live to request and self administer medical aid in dying medication in order to voluntarily end his or her life Authorizes a physician to prescribe medical aid in dying medication to a terminally ill individual under certain conditions and Creates criminal penalties for tampering with a person s request for medical aid in dying medication or knowingly coercing a person with a terminal illness to request the medication In the District of Columbia to obtain the medication a patient shall make 2 oral requests separated by at least

15 days to an attending physician Submit a written request signed and dated by the patient to the attending physician before the patient makes his or her 2nd oral request and at least 48 hours before a covered medication may be prescribed or dispensed CNN com Physcian assited suicide is not something that can be done over night Patients often spend years before being able to have the procedure done This is why it is important for it to be legalized and an option for patients whom wish to end their lives Patients have to go through a series of examinations and time before even allowed to have the procedure done If a patient wants this done it is because they have exhausted all other options and feel as though they have no choice Another reason physician assisted suicide should be legal in all states is for compassion for patients Suffering is more than pain There are social and psychological burdens Although it isn t possible to relieve circumstances physician assisted suicide is a compassionate response to ending suffering Terminally ill patients and patients that suffer from chronic pain should have the right to assisted suicide because it is the best means for them to end the pain caused by an illness which no drug can cure Oregon was the first state to legalize physician assisted suicide The most recent state California found that 173 doctors across the state wrote 191 prescriptions to end lives and 111 patients actually used those prescriptions for suicide sandiegouniontribune com Some feel that it is unethical for physcians to help patients end their lives It is problematic given the nature of the patient physician relationship affects trust in the relationship and in the profession and fundamentally alters the medical profession s role in society annals org Although some may feel this way compassion for the patient is important It takes the doctors duties to a level where the patient and doctor both make a beneficial choice for the patients health n a way that the patient is in charge and well aware of the circumstances In conclusion Physician assisted suicide should be legal in all states because it is the rights of the patients that matter The control that society has over someone else and their rights as a person are absurd If one wants to die to loner be in pain they should be able to make decions over their lives and have full control over what they decide they do when the pain and their lives become unbearable

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