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Problem Based Learning Problem based learning has been used as a direct method of teaching This method uses facts and direct examples to prove out a solution This is similar to mathematics in the sense that there is an absolute answer or approach People in the Information Technology may use this method to help them solve a problem as it is a more direct approach to finding a solution Problem Based Learning PBL is a teaching method in which complex real world problems are used as the vehicle to promote student learning of concepts and principles as opposed to direct presentation of facts and concepts In addition to course content PBL can promote the development of critical thinking skills problem solving abilities and communication skills It can also provide opportunities for working in groups finding and evaluating research materials and lifelong learning Duch Groh Allen para 1 PBL can be incorporated into any learning situation In the strictest definition of PBL the approach is used over the entire semester as the primary method of teaching However broader definitions and uses range from including PBL in lab and design classes to using it simply to start a single discussion PBL can also be used to create assessment items The main thread connecting these various uses is the real world problem Duch Groh Allen para 2 I was taught using problem based learning 

The majority of my courses have been presented this way weather I was formally instructed or was working with hands on projects the learning method remained the same The difficulty is applying the information you absorb in the real world In my case I found working directly with others in my profession to be a very valuable asset Observational Learning Observational learning can be applied in the career field just as it is seen in children This is a dilemma that has been re occurring at my place of employment The supervisor is always stating to set examples whenever a new hire has joined the team This concerns me because many of my co workers seem to think it is ok to chit chat all day and some of the new hires have followed suit Children observe the people around them behaving in various ways This is illustrated during the famous Bobo doll experiment Bandura 1961 Individuals that are observed are called models In society children are surrounded by many influential models such as parents within the family characters on children's TV friends within their peer group and teachers at school These models provide examples of behavior to observe and imitate e g masculine and feminine pro and anti social etc McLeod para 1 Children pay attention to some of these people models and encode their behavior At a later time they may imitate the behavior they have observed They may do this regardless of whether the behavior is gender appropriate or not but there are a number of processes that make it more likely that a child will reproduce the behavior that its society deems appropriate for its gender McLeod para 1 With the new hires learning bad habits from observation I will have to take the majority of the workload

The problem at hand needs to get resolved or the employees that are working tirelessly will look for employment elsewhere Summarizing Articles I work for AvaSure and the environment is set around problem based learning My job is to take escalated tickets but I do receive a lot of questions without any escalation My colleagues work in close proximity to me and asking questions is encouraged Students who are new to a PBL classroom environment may find it initially unsettling This is because you are being asked to take responsibility for your own learning to work on ill structured problems where there isn't a pre established right answer and where you are expected to structure your own approach to acquiring and using information to solve problems In many respects this environment mimics the real world In business settings there are no standardized objective tests lectures or routine and well defined assignments Entering this new type of learning environment requires you a willingness on your part to accept risk and uncertainty and to become a self directed learner PROBLEM BASED LEARNING p 1 The goal is to present not only your conclusions but the foundation upon which they rest Prepare to o State clearly both the problem and your conclusion o Summarize the process you used options considered and difficulties encountered o Convince not overpower

Bring others to your side or to consider without prejudice your supporting documentation and reason o Help others learn as you have learned o If challenged and you have an answer present it clearly and you don t have an answer acknowledge it and refer it for more consideration Gardner p 1 Many of my courses have a problem based learning structure As this article suggests this is more of a real world learning structure For example I am a tier 2 support technician that trains new hires for the position I will then use problem based learning to help them understand the atmosphere of the software Works Cited Duch B J Groh S E Allen D E 2001 PROBLEM BASED LEARNING PBL In Center for Innovation in Teaching Learning Retrieved from http citl illinois edu citl 101 teaching learning resources teaching strategies problem based learning pbl Gardner J W n d Problem based learning In Study Guides and Strategies Retrieved from http www studygs net pbl htm McLeod S 2016 Bandura Social Learning Theory In Simply Psyschology Retrieved from https www simplypsychology org bandura html PROBLEM BASED LEARNING n d In San Francisco State University Retrieved from http online sfsu edu rpurser revised pages problem htm

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