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Reshaping The Constitution The United States Constitution was created with a purpose to form a peaceful yet powerful nation Now will everyone agree to these standards Due to a society we all live in today that is unfortunately nowhere near the word perfect the simple answer is no The bright side is there is always hope and opinions to manipulate the constitution Therefore the changes I would like to see would be to not have limits to our presidential terms to require a balance within our nation's budget to help eliminate billions in debt and critique the 10th Amendment The first adjustment to the Constitution I would like to see would be to have our nation's president serve for however long he or she possibly chooses or have the opportunity to be elected an infinite number of times There have been a lot of outstanding presidents in our country s past but there has been some less than adequate ones as well The people of this nation should have the right to vote for their best opinionated president as many times as the candidate chooses to run Two terms is just simply not long enough for an elite president to be able to make the necessary changes and improvements for this nation and the millions and billions of citizens living in it The next adjustment I would want to see is a change on requiring a balanced primary budget Having said this it means the cost of serving the national government's debt would be prohibited 

As a country we can not keep spending money that we do not have nor loaning money to countries that does not exist in our budget This being mentioned we can not expect to repay debt that continuously climbs by the billions each year when we can not possibly repay this in any foreseeable future budget plan If we as a nation were able to have one president oversee this change throughout the entire presidency instead of just two terms our nation would have a chance at decreasing the ever climbing debt that we are engulfed by on a daily basis The final adjustment I would like to see the amending of the 10th Amendment The 10th Amendment states The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively or to the people There needs to be a way to make it more effective By doing so we need to remind the federal government that the states are in charge The states rights have been getting slowly but surely worn down over the years Due to this wear and tear it is forming many money issues This goes back to the balancing in the budget plan mentioned earlier If the states are granted their rights that they are permitted to then it eliminates all of the overcrowding of the paperwork and regulations that is time consuming 

Time is money and unfortunately again it is money we do not have For example the states should get to set their own policies without the permission of the Federal Government This is why the 10th Amendment needs to be looked at because things like this example should not be a problem When decisions and or changes are made there are always a few consequences which some people may not approve For instance if some citizens do not agree with the President s platform or simply dislike him or her for whatever reason they might want to keep the presidential term limit as it is currently set in the Constitution The argument I pitch for this change is consistency If we do not have term limits to the presidency role and we elect a phenomenal president to run our country then there would be no inconsistency during a presidential transition to create turmoil and insecurity among the American people Not only do I believe a consistency should be made with the presidential terms but I if we have a balanced primary budget then we can keep track of our money more efficiently 

On the other hand a few might want to keep it the same because they do not realize that money does not grow on trees They selfishly think it is okay to keep spending the government s money when in reality it is hurting them terribly While we as a nation are consumed by debt due to an unbalanced budget there are also quite a few that do not like being fully controlled by the government There are however some that do not realize it this control and will just pay or do whatever to get by without saying anything or standing up for themselves On the contrary if we get the message across that the states are in charge then we can for example make our own tax policy to where we do not have to fork over a lot of money to the government for something we all do not agree with Presidential terms budget balancing and the rights of states are great starts to adjusting the document By doing so the changes made would make the national government more effective and therefore the country stronger Although amending the U S Constitution is unusually challenging and almost unthinkable it is definitely something in our reach and could prove to be extremely favorable to the entire nation

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