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PARK UNIVERSITY PARVILLE MO United States of America Statement of purpose As a graduate with a technology background I have been always fascinated about Analytics because of how it works in helping to discover and interpret data and also use the interpreted data to predict and improve performance and efficiency so I picked an interest in it During my work at a digital marketing outfit i was tasked with the management of social media of some of clients and I was also tasked with the analysis of their websites I learned to use Google Analytics to carry out this task using key performance indicators like your audience traffic sources page tracking goal conversion cost analysis and new versus returning customers and I learnt to use the data gotten here to increase website performance and develop new strategies and campaigns to increase sales for the brand Seeing the power of analytics and how it can make and drive up market sales and how it can be used as a basis to make important business decisions with this I grew great interest in business analytics and how it can help bring advancement to that sector in my country by improving business conditions and creating ways business can be done smoothly With the increase in breadth and depth of data the acquiring of skills for big data analysis for deep insights for quick and better decision making which gives businesses and vendors competitive edge 

It is of great concern to me that my country Nigeria is lacking greatly in harnessing the power of information and analytics seeing as we do not possess a central database The federal government saw the deficiency in that sector and they have taken a step towards big data analysis by embedding into the Nigerian Bureau of statistics a center for data analytics for the development of data analysis and the proper use of data gotten after analysis for the improvement of the country The agency is strategizing and devising means to combat these problems but to due to Nigeria s inadequate educational knowledge in data analysis and the lack of sufficient support staffs in this sector continues to present themselves as barriers to the advance big data analysis in the country I believe things will get better if data analysts and data strategists can come together and help address the deficiency in that sector by anchoring workshops for the staffs and interested youths alike A degree from Park University will give me a sense of creativity and equip me with in depth knowledge to work with the Nigerian government and also help the Nigerian Bureau of statistics further their mission of solving problems related to data discovery and interpretation in the country thereby giving Nigeria the edge it needs to be a force to reckon with on a global stage Will also work with the government to create seminars and forums so as to create a top notch educational standard for data analysis in the country I also hope through this I will inspire and motivate youths globally to become professionals in their field and use their knowledge and skills to improve the state of their country As a student I also intend in contributing my bits to solving global problems facing the Data analytics space I believe Park University's Master of information system and business analytics will help familiarize me with the necessary tools needed for analytics I believe this master suits my personal professional and career aspiration

The course brings together information systems and business analytics to the table After looking at the modules offered under MISBA my interest grew further Modules like information security and risk management will help me manage the risk associated with information by identifying assessing correcting and preventing security problems Modules like data analysis and business analysis will equip me with the skill to compare data perform statistical analysis on data and provide insights based on that analysis Modules like project management for information technology will help me to be able to plan organize and define the responsibilities that need to be carried out for the completion of an organization's specific information technology goals This will help me oversee projects for software development hardware installations network upgrades cloud computing business analytics and data management projects and implementing IT services Modules like survey of predictive analytical techniques will help equip me with the techniques like data mining and text analytics to bring together the management IT and modeling business process to make predictions It will help me to anticipate outcomes based on the gathered data This well rounded curriculum focuses on all parts of education needed to produce experts entrepreneurs employers of labor and community leaders making a good fit for me I believe Park is a university that prepares students to become career minded responsible experts in their various fields and installing in every student a corporate social responsibility to craft solutions to communities around them I believe Park is also known for producing innovators and inventors I believe Park will shape me into expert by exposing to Its experts and educators I thank you so much for your consideration 

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