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The Big One is one American epic movie presented by Michael Moore The movie is based on various conflicts of interest The movie through its flow of ideas and the basis that contributed to its coming in place is one other thing that intrigues the audience It is one movie that captures emotions in the desire of the audience to get the glimpse of ideas Here is a common man whose is hurt The people close to him his brother as well as fathers have been subject to murder under the custody of King Edward I This heartless leader has nothing good against the protagonist in the movie flow The movie is flawless on a number of issues that are associated with bad governance and if that is anything to go by the author of the movie is so selective that he chooses on a character that at one point in history is recorded to have hurled all forms of tribulations to all those that stood to oppose him It is unfortunate how a leader expected to unite the people under his custody is so biased and leads on the basis of racism and only identifies with people and regions in his kingdom that pay allegiance to him The king identifies with only those people that revered him as well as those who shared a common ancestry with him The movie is a replica of nepotism at its highest It is a typical example of a rotten society that is about to split on the basis of tribal lines 

The worst of it all happens in the movie when the main characters bride is assaulted by soldiers to the extent of attempting to rape her thanks to the husband who comes to her rescue Body There is an internal conflict that exists between the main character Scotsman and the royalty The movie unfolds in a manner that renews the old scores between the main character and the lethal kind It is something that has started today The conflict that emanates from the early years of the Scottish man and the royalty in place has not started today King Edward I is depicted as the main reason for the problems facing the Scottish The Scottish man later comes up to avenge for the wrong deeds instigated by the royal family No party is interested in calming down emotions Either divide is strongly estranged in revenge The minority at first face the wrath of the majority but time heals too fast At last the Scottish man leads other fellow Scottish people to revolt against the King No one saw it coming at first The public murder of the bride to the main character is what triggers and instigates the overhaul of the revolt Time is the best healer and revenge spares no man Cultural management is one confusing theme in the movie The bride and the bridegroom in the context of the movie stay apart for so long despite being childhood friends To the surprise of the audience the friendship of the two later turns into love after the bridegroom gets from abroad In the opinion of the movie cultural ties speak volumes about culture management Culture is so strong that it ties the two into marriage Emotions are so high in the movie in particular on the part of the oppressed which in later stages turns to the wrath of the whole community It is unfortunate though that the king does not heed the advice of his counselors It is only wise for a leader to the precautions in cases of an impending havoc in this region 

They are only the ruthless ones that do not subscribe to wise counsel Romance rather love is an arsenal that has provoked the Scottish man to pursue revenge It is what shakes the roots of his heart He thinks about the love he had for the wife in the hoofing and the tribulations she was taken through before her death The war is rejuvenated on the basis of this ground Conclusion Revenge is not the best option for reaching to a conflict resolution but in cases that call for it people have no otherwise The essence of the whole movie is to bring to the attention one strong character amongst the audience that should not be revoked The movie depicts many several moral lessons and one that takes the highest toll is justice There should be justice for people to co exist peacefully in society Emotions can carry one into doing the silliest thing in life but worst of it all is killing The lost life can haunt one to their destruction The power of the throne is weakened on the grounds of the ruthless leader It is the very outrageous how negligence leads to a revolution that results to many deaths In the utmost desire to reinstate the situation for the sake of the practicality in life such situations need intervention prior to their happening It saves a lot for the common citizen and for the leadership as a whole

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