Essay Example on The Disadvantages of Losing Net Neutrality Since the 1990








The Disadvantages of Losing Net Neutrality Since the 1990s internet availability has increased a lot due to illustration and mp3 based sites Also video streaming and peer to peer file sharing has become more common since the 2000 s YouTube Vines and other free video content sites started using a good amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time faster websites more pleasing for users to access To which the Internet service provider ISP demands to charge them for making their content available over the provider network Net Equality know as Net Neutrality is the principle that all data on net websites and services should be equally treated by ISP and as well as the government This idea was brought up because privately owned organizations like the ISP should not enter into any paid agreements with organizations like Hulu to program their websites to be faster than others But recently the Federal Communication Commission FCC wants to benefit the consumer by allowing broadband providers like AT T and Comcast could offer them a wider variety of service options Net Neutrality has come under attack from the Federal Communication and Commission chairman The future of young students who depend on free internet and the socio economic balance of the people of the United States are being threatened

The Federal Communication and Commission is making it more difficult for consumers like us to access the tools that the internet provides which leads many that do not have the financial stability to be unable to access any websites at will Major organization such as cable companies found a way to get more money of the consumers If it's one thing that cable companies have proven to be good at over the year it's more ways to get money out of consumers and into their own pockets primary broadband providers will take advantage of this to find new ways to charge customers if they want to get high quality service Kaitlyn Schallhorn Repealing Net Neutrality is in some ways disrupting the social economic balance separating the poor from the rich The poor will have even more of a disadvantage to the rich because the rich can easily obtain information using their access to technological device since they have the money to afford it while the poor must look for other alternatives due to their financial position This creates an even bigger gap between knowledge from both sides the rich will always become supreme than the poor because the rich have a better access to knowledge with ease With this the people who cannot afford to access the internet will give them even less of a chance to rise above the levels of poverty Poverty can affect the government in different ways such as Reducing productivity and economic output by about 1 3 percent of GDP and raises the costs of crime by 1 3 percent of GDP Affecting the consumer can be a major problem especially when most of the consumers are in school whom use the internet as their source for knowledge Taking away Net Neutrality from consumers would lead a disadvantage with our education With less access to the resources students will be unable to obtain additional information that they wish to excel at

Overtime the world wide web is becoming a necessity to the people they have becoming more reliant on these websites than books One of the key elements of the Internet is that it provides immediate access to a huge range of high quality resources that are really useful for teachers whether it s videos of science concepts simulations Students of this generation have become accustomed to using the internet an educational resource on the daily When you take away net neutrality it takes a way the chance for students who have depended on free internet to use it to their educational advantages When students have less access to certain knowledge they can obtain from the internet this puts a detriment in their education A bad education will lead to more of a possibility to less profitable jobs which means they will not be able to provide as much to the economy or pay as much taxes A decrease in human capability for their future puts strain on the government resources and in worst case scenario case a major decreased in economic output The FCC is making it more difficult for consumers like us to access the resources to obtain knowledge which leads many that do not have the financial stability to be unable to access any websites at will Repealing against Net Neutrality from consumers would lead a great drawback with our education between the rich and the poor The young students of our generation today and the people who are financially challenged are being put at a major disadvantage that will not only affect their own future but the future of our economy Every action has consequences to them we can either learn from it or keep making the same mistake

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