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The industrial revolution started during the year 1776 by a Scottish philosopher named Adam Smith it was about how free market could help out not only the economy but the people of all classes even the poorest The industrial had positives and negatives effects and it can be caused many of the theories that sparked from Adam Smith and Karl Marx In 1776 Adam Smith wrote his theory it was mainly focused on the positive things that surrounded him and how he saw the economy from his point of view adam smith wanted to propose his theory which was called the Free market He believed that free trade markets in the world would increase industrialization and the real wealth for all also the government was passing laws that were not allowing economic growth and social betterment smith thought Britain should sweep away government privileges and restrictions and the free market should operate on its own smith wanted everyone to benefit from the free market his theory he thought the government had some laws that were limiting the competition and that would not allow or let the economy to grow and social betterment increase production

Although the industrial revolution had negatives there were some positives effects things like inventions innovations jobs advancement of agriculture happened because of the industrial revolution the positive effects and outcomes of the revolution impacted the economy and the people workers they would become social and political force it would increase urbanization and of all wealth and production power of humanity it protected their own interests the aristocratic rule was no longer supreme the transportation became quicker easier and overall cheaper it did not only show how the industrial revolution brought positives but how it shaped and changed Britain adam smith saw mainly the positives effects that could change his theory and that would benefit everyone but mainly the economy There were some negatives to the industrial revolution it was mainly about working conditions and where people lived and how they lived during when the industrial revolution was happening and how many people like Karl Marx were affected by the industrial revolution in some negative ways children at young ages were put into mills and would work for many long hours it affected the mentally and physically they were no getting a normal life that many children would have nowadays working conditions practically workers were segregated in separate districts where they would have to struggle and try to make the best out of it and being kept out of sight of the more fortunate classes of society higher classes there was a lot of laboring classes sanitary conditions and diseases where large numbers or groups of people were assembled all those things needed to be improved there was a lot of pollution because of coal mines and because of how cheap it was it shows all the negatives effects or outcomes of the industrial revolution and how it affected mainly the poor and the economy during the 1800s in Britain During 

1848 Karl Marx came up with a theory that mainly focused on the negatives of the industrial revolution karl Marx thought that the modern bourgeois had established new forms of struggles he thought they had made little workshops of the patriarchal master and were made into factories of the industrial capitalist they had masses of laborers and were crowded into the factories he wanted the proletariat to rise to ruling powers and establish a democracy karl wanted the ruling class to end he saw what bad things the bourgeois brought to his country he wanted what other countries had like the abolition of child factory labor free education in public schools factories and instruments owned by the state national bank progressive income tax although Marx saw the negative effects of the industrial revolution he wrote that there were some thing that could be done to better his country or economy just like Adam Smith wanted to better his country it shows or proves that the industrial revolution affected philosophers and economists like Karl Marx and Adam Smith saw the world during the revolution and what they had to do with it how it affected the things they were around and how it shaped society adam smith saw the positives effects of the industrial revolution during the late 1700s while Karl Marx saw the negative effect were mainly towards Britain how it affected it economically and the conditions and what things were created out of it and how those things affected the people the industrial revolution shaped what the world is today and what it is and what caused it to happen it likes the history of our world because it shows how people see the world and what they think about and how it impacted how today's society is

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