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The video game industry is the economic sector which is recognize by the evolution expansion and complex of video games It embrace dozens of job rules and its component parts employ thousands of people worldwide who have different roles and also different categories where each person employed can be experts in certain specific area The top companies recognize by their value and customer loyalty are also known by their brand for example Ubisoft Nintendo Electronic Arts Apple Activision blizzard 2k Microsoft and lot more based on how the technology has increased and competitors are increasing day to day through what is coming new every single year Thus Nintendo is one of the most recognized brand worldwide based on how improved and advanced they are in their products It is a multinational brand originated in Tokyo which is comes to be the largest video game company In the market Nintendo is the top creative and top seller industry capitalization because of their game franchises Nintendo is recognized by it s customer by their controllers remote characters made by them but the question is over ten years Nintendo has been always used and popular How do they do to keep up bringing brand new ways to play but maintaining their same characters 

Are passing to a sad struggle to keep surviving in the Game Industry How do they make it to keep on bringing the same audience in order to maintain their rating Matter of the fact Nintendo have always been a brand where people are more likely to choose over another one but on 2012 when they bring up their new release the Wii U controller remote used to play in their games but most of the people saw the controller as an ipad where the bad advertisement from Nintendo came up to be a mass drop of a 80 based on the critics and disappointments their consumers had about this new console Where things since there are not doing pretty well as they used to do before that major error and misunderstanding of the audience After the last 5 years Nintendo is trying to repair the mistakes of the Wii U coming up with the Nintendo Switch a console platform which is Nintendo s perspective that is going to increase their rating and trying this to be a boom in the game industry which can make their consumers forget about the Wii U temporarily by increasing their expectations and trying to teach the consumers on how are they going to use this new console which was a problem with the Wii U because they didn t be clearly specified on the advertisement shown back at 2012 Hopefully it works out for them over the year they console is already in the industry going out but by the time it has already media is aggreying it is not doing well yet Matter of the fact Nintendo do have people who have their brand recognition and love their other games because the wii U came out they did great on the Wii and the Nintendo DS 2DS 3DS 

And know they are implementing the Switch which is pretty good too even though they might not have the same people around their standards numbers still coming out for them Nevertheless they latest work is on the Universal Studios Nintendo is trying to develop a theme park attraction where is rumored their creating films about their recognize worldwide characters might this bring a debate about how are they going to do with the overexploitation of their characters Most of Nintendo's characters are dealing with the customers loyalty the first audience of Nintendo in 1980 s know are adults over the age of 40 50 which increases the customers in their theme park even though they have the same characters a Theme park have the graphics and their evolved games which may lead that audience of 40 50 to teach their child or bring them to play at the Universal Studios which may increase the customers in the park and in recognition of Nintendo is also going to be more likely into the 20 s century generation Which is a great attraction and well though event for the video game industry There is not going to be an over exploitation of the character because these are recognize characters with developed video games and also customers and characters graphics might be changed into more modern pattern where that can increase kids and parents lens of their characters As Nintendo introduce their new theme park The Super Nintendo World will bring the Nintendo games to a real life experience with an space required for the theme park Guest will have a whole new world of enthusiasm where they can interact with others and have the experience of playing in their own favorite video game where they can have experience they've never had before based on what they are getting ready to demonstrate

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