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Thierry de Duve talks about two models within the teaching of art these are the academic model and the Bauhaus model The academic model consists of an extremely regimented structure talent technique imitation which all involve learning from the past The Bauhaus model is much more open and free flowing main ideas creativity mediums and invention thinking much more into the future experimentation and all that has occurred in human history However like de Duve s states they contaminate each other both models now may have blended together become out of use or even discarded Within this text there are many postulates of the teaching in art school which Thierry de Duve talks about the first being talent or creativity Talent is a natural aptitude or skill in a particular field subject or method Whereas creativity is using one s imagination or original ideas to create something different or expand on traditional ideas producing something meaningful The created item may be intangible or a physical item Thierry de Duve mentions that we have a talent in a particular area whereas creativity can be used in a wide range of areas and subjects However these two talent and creativity go hand in hand as if you couldn't use your imagination to think of ideas in a particular field you wouldn't be able to put your talent to good use to execute the idea As Duve also says that talent is unequally distributed compared to creativity so you would be wasting a rare flair Looking at metier technique versus medium these two are interlinked if being educated through the academic model they would encourage the student to improve on their metier to get their technical skills perfect similar to historical artists Metier is the way in which you use the medium to create the piece of art However if using the Bauhaus model of teaching they would encourage the students to experiment with the medium allowing them to use it to their advantage 

As everyone s technique is different this is what makes their art their own However students should be encouraged in both areas as they should experiment with the medium to find their way of using it then to perfect their technique within this Imitation versus innovation imitation is replicating an idea and copying it continuing the same concept or design Whereas invention is using the artists creativity to produce something new a novelty to push the boundaries of the mediums to their limits or successes Art students should try out both of these ideas as they are different ways of learning However invention is very important once you have mastered your technique as you use your creativity to produce something new and exciting to capture an audience Duve talks about the critical attitude as art with significance had to be progressive therefore the attitude had to be critical Critical being able to express or involve an analysis of the merits and faults within a piece of work Personally the students attitude is very important as it is down to the individual s determination to produce work and polish their techniques learn from others and experiment Although attitude can play a part on a student or artist s style the mood they are in alters how and what is applied to the canvas This can bring out some very experimental work or very pristine styles Using de Duve s text can you identify some of the key problems and challenges that a reformed art education is facing nowadays Duve states that there are three major consequences when art education is based on creativity these being nothing should in principle restrict access to the study of art the second being that it's not just the technical side of art which can be taught After Duchamp a conceptual artist his reputation influenced art pushing aside the idea of aesthetics but keeping the notion of attitude 

This caused major art schools to acknowledge this idea of conceptual art providing a new model which spread across the globe He also talks about how teaching from one perspective can damage ones learning from looking at an idea or piece of art from different perspectives Such as teaching the arts according to the medium cultivates distrust of technical skill because mastering the medium gets in the way of questioning the medium the student needs to be able to have the opportunity to do both if wishing to do so A major challenge that a reformed art education is facing nowadays is that due to the art field being so diverse teachers are unable to cover it all Every individual is different therefore interested in particular areas each has their own field of enquiry hence they ll travel in different directions in art Having read this text what is your opinion about the new art school What could be its optimal teaching learning model My initial thoughts is that you have to have some artistic talent to evolve from so you can progress and improve upon your personal skills and further new ideas This is still vital however in the contemporary art today students are encouraged to be more experimental to push the boundaries of what art used to be by challenging the traditional methods and techniques of art in painting sculpture drawing and many more As there are many other learning resources today such as the internet social media and YouTube where they can learn specific techniques if they wish to Also technology has evolved creating digital art which has become a vast area for artists who haven t got a flair in the traditional art forms From my previous art education I found that tutors wish you to bring your own style to learn from previous historical artists and movements to create your own personal art and niche which provides meaning or discusses an issue to you and the people around you

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