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The techniques used in traditional commerce are not applicable at all on the Internet When the visitor does not immediately find what he is looking for he quickly leaves the shop to move to another website On the other hand when the visitor wanders on the shelves of the virtual shop he leaves a lot of personal information about his tastes and concerns that a marketer of the pre internet times could not have imagined The knowledge of the habits and tastes of the clients from the first contacts has become essential to the quest for loyalty and customer profitability The business model of the online store is based on the intersection between the desire of customers to shop high end products while saving and the emergence of a sense of urgency Each flash sale is for limited time and programmed with fixed start and end as well as with limited quantity of the offered merchandise This winning combination has completely changed the traditional sales pattern and has resulted in the acceleration and explosion of the user visits via mobile and tablet The central challenge is to understand and anticipate the depth of cross device behaviors and their impact on conversions in order to capitalize on the specificities of each device and optimize the cross channel customer experience While cross device tracking has become one of the major challenges of digital it remains complex for many actors due to gaps in user identification across devices Vente privee com avoids this difficulty its members must identify themselves to access the online store content and sales regardless of the device By identifying users throughout the entire purchase process via their login vente privee com can not only track members cross device behaviors but also connect each user journey to the corresponding member profile Vente privee marketing teams can therefore monitor all consumer interactions on their different devices smartphones tablets and desktop 

KEY OBJECTIVES In depth analysis of purchasing behavior the time that clients spend on viewing a product particularities in using each device preferred product themes Target the different vente privee user profiles Propose ergonomic improvements based on the data collected SOLUTIONS Vente privee uses the AT Internet solution www atinternet com that offers a unified measurement of smartphone tablet and computer audience This unified vision is also fed by the vente privee DataMart and API technology Exchanges of data take place between the two systems to enrich the CRM database with volumetric and behavioral indicators but also to feed the AT Internet solution with information on the user profiles CSP age sex etc Data Mining teams can achieve advanced crosses by product line by time spent on particular products by brand etc Thanks to the connection between API management solution with vente privee com data mart the company gets a quantitative behavioral but also segmented view in terms of marketing Based on the data reported by the AT Internet tools the following analyzes and results on members behavior can be observed A DEVICE FOR EACH TIME OF DAY Vente prive com experiences a peak in turnover from mobile phones at 7am This schedule corresponds to the opening of sales on the website and is explained by the fact that the number of available products is limited The first members arrived are therefore the first served The graph below shows the predominance of mobile phone usage due to on to go purchasing behavior in morning public transport On the other hand in the evening and during weekends the tablet is widely preferred compared to other devices 

EACH DEVICE HAS ITS PARTICULAR FEATURES The device analyzes reveal patterns that are carefully exploited by the vente privee marketing teams The behaviors are very different from one device to another for the same base of Internet users On mobile the mode immediate opportunity detection predominates Internet users pursue a large number of sales and products in a limited time On computers the behavior is more exploratory Internet users spend more time on a limited number of sales In the end even if the apps represent 70 of the mobile traffic the purchase rate decreases with the size of the screens User profiles are clearly identified Users on smartphones are rather young people Tablet users especially iPad are from CSP high socio economic categories The device used proves to be a differentiating factor when it comes to the nature of products viewed and especially purchased For example a shorter path to purchase on mobile encourages low commitment more generalized purchases like fashion accessories or home décor whereas travel packages and more expensive purchases are more often made via desktop and tablet CONCLUSION

Thanks to enriched analytics data vente privee can detect and identify behavioral and transactional specificities of each device and how they are used by each customer profile Mobile has shown its capacity to profoundly change customer usage in terms of how often users view products and when the nature of the products viewed and bought and whether that purchase is impulsive or planned Based on these analyses vente privee drives its mobile strategy and has implemented actions to Adapt its merchandising to each specific device Streamline and shorten the purchase process on mobile Develop features designed for mobile app for Apple Watch Le Pass application or Le Voyage application for example BENEFITS Optimization of the user route on all devices smartphones computers and tablets Ergonomic improvements of the cards and visual products Added features specific to mobile devices

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