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Transactions between consumers and sellers mostly appear in varieties of activities in today market environment By increasing the number of the world population the number of consumers has increased the number of sellers also keep increasing day by day to satisfy the market demand In order to introduce and persuade the consumption of any products or services marketing communication had played important role in most companies Kevin Lane K 2009 To follow up the development of the new society the manufacturers were impacted to alter their way of doing marketing to appeal and retain the customers with effective and efficient Likewise the traditional marketing that people have known for centuries now has been changed and modified by high percentages of online marketing Almudena E Maria Garcia F Jaione Y 2010 But it does not mean all the businesses will make more profit by the presence of the internet Internet marketing 

Combination of Internet technology and marketing create an internet marketing where enable the business to operate globally It is the process of promoting the products or services on the internet There are many platforms of this marketing that has been presented such as online advertising email marketing social media advertising search engine optimization and website creation Mindy L 2016 Pros of online marketing By using online marketing all your work process is based on the internet the cost would be lower the information or promotion can be reaching to a bigger and specific target group unlimited viewers and globally In addition all the information can be access directly to any customers or firms in full information and immediately Furthermore it is believed to be timeless and serves a great number of consumers at the same time 84 of companies from Margie s research on the pros and cons of social media marketing said online marketing could bring up the customer insight to the business by chat or text messages Margie C 2012 The online marketer could learn better about their customers by applying the indoor sales skills the purpose is to find out what the customers really think about the business create customers satisfaction and build customer intimacy which enables to understand about consumer perception Mindy L 2016 Cons of online marketing In spite of the benefits there would be some controversy about the online marketing that had happened to the companies or individual group of consumer

 One of the consideration issues is using online marketing could hardly figure out the measurement of return on investment since some social media email marketing was disregarded by some accounts Somehow the consumers did not willingness to view or check out what the information is about when some ads pop up on the search engine Hamed T Neda J 2014 Furthermore because of the cost is lower many legal and non legal business is pushing the online marketing to reach a wide range of customers like always create new ads By doing this customers might difficult to distinguish which ads should and should not trust Margie C 2012 Traditional marketing On the contrary Traditional marketing has worked differently from the internet marketing by most components of this marketing are appeared on such as television radio print media direct mail billboards company website person to person public relation Hamed T Neda J 2014 On the one hand traditional marketing provided benefit and bad impact to the organization at the same time Pros of traditional marketing Most businesses considered traditional marketing still work well and bring a good effort to their business

They believed people still need printed media such as giving name card during the formal events also word of mouth or person to person marketing supposed to be most competent Mindy L 2016 Because people can demonstrate provide information clearly and more better than the technology does Also customers would prefer to purchase the products or services with human who is accurate and understand about saturation and contact or they might feel the ads on magazine or billboard is trustworthy than some ads on the blogs Hamed T Neda J 2014 Cons of Traditional marketing After the existing of the internet the platform of traditional marketing such as the printed poster booklet ads in the magazine has been slowly disappeared It has been said that this kind of marketing is time consume costly and also hard to customization For example a business s advertisement needs to prepare at least one month due to the magazine publishing and sell into the market is once a month This process seems to be not effective and cannot serves the demand on time Debbie M 2017 Due to a majority of people who own technology device on hand would prefer to go online to check for particular information than spending the time to look for magazine or newspaper As well as the cost of doing traditional marketing costly for some firms to afford Yet consumers always feel that those ads on the printed media are not matched to what they are looking for Hamed T Neda J 2014

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