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We live in a world which is constantly facing the threat of extinction due to Global warming Finding sustainable energy with minimal carbon emission is one of the most vital challenges of present times My decision to pursue Postgraduate study is inspired by the desire to combine my creativity with specialized knowledge to explore and enhance sustainable energy for this ever changing world I have chosen Master s in Nuclear Energy as the field of my Masters studies wherein I am determined to obtain a leadership position in the industrial research and innovation I strongly believe that higher education can be the staircase of success if anyone tries to pick the right area that matches with his interest To illustrate my intentions about pursuing chosen Master s in Nuclear Energy I would like to shed some light on my educational background and energy crisis in my country From my secondary education level I had keen interest to spend a lot of time to figure out the logical explanation of mathematical problems I participated in many science fairs organized by different institution to engage myself in competitions like math Olympiad project showcasing etc 

After completing higher secondary with A GPA 5 00 I had completed my four years Bachelor Eng degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ahsanullah University of Science Technology After completion of my graduation I completed my internship at Summit Power Ltd Which is one of the leading private organization of power generation in our country they my I was introduced to the latest researches and innovations on Energy Engineering which fascinated me I wanted to complete my Masters from abroad in Energy engineering but the finances of my family restricted me to do that as I needed to work and contribute to my family Therefore I started M Sc in Glass and Ceramic Engineering at BUET to cope with the modern trend of Master s Program in every sector Although the faculties of the institution was good but some part of me craved for more as I wanted to learn about energy engineering which ultimately led me to think about another Master's degree Implementation of nuclear energy which is one of the most significant knowledge of mankind during recent time is waiting to be explored furthermore by formal or informal ways that are related and support each other I believe for future source of energy nuclear is one the most promising one so that I am eagerly interested in joining the international community of world class nuclear scientists and engineers to expand nuclear energy systems as cornerstone for sustainable development of the world 

Moreover I am from a country where sustainable energy is the main challenge for the future development and economic growth which inspires me to thrive in this sector In my childhood it was a common scenario to face daily load shedding for couple of hours due to less generation of electricity Currently Bangladeshi is generating more electricity to meet overall demand but most of power plants are based on HFO and Coal which are producing more carbon emission Environment pollution has become a major hazard in the country On the other hand electricity is must for a developing country like ours to facilitate industrialization Considering these scenario I always feel the urge of establishing more environment friendly power plant which will provide sustainable energy Nuclear power plant can be remedy of the problem of our country Though Bangladesh government has taken initiative to establish nuclear power plant and bring it into operation by 2023 which will be built by Russian Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation unfortunately there is not enough expert on this field in our country Moreover only few people of our young generation have interest to work in this field I strongly believe that I will be equipped with relevant knowledge to work and conduct further research on Nuclear energy after completing Masters in Nuclear Energy

 The successive demand to educate for a successful career accommodates me very much The program offered fit very well with my interest my educational background and my abilities Studies at your university would furthermore due to the internationality of the school provide an insight into nationalities and cultures throughout the world This would open up new and diverse perspectives and is would broaden my horizon with supposedly grandiose experiences Moreover after thoroughly studying the program I am confident that Master s in Nuclear Energy is a great opportunity for my career development and contributing more to my country First in terms of study focus the program concentrates on topics such as sustainability numerical methods in heat transfer maintenance management and technology nuclear power plant engineering developing innovative new policy or planning effective waste management It would be a great opportunity to learn the wider energy sector and the societal economic and environmental impacts of nuclear energy 

As I envisage myself as a successful professional by demonstrating leadership in sustainable energy through innovation entrepreneurship to contribute to the development of my country this program will be a stepping stone for my envisioned target After completion of my Master s degree I would like to gain some international working experience and after that return to my country and contribute to the ongoing development of Nuclear power plant I believe I can help shaping the future of the people of my country with my learning if I am given the opportunity In conclusion I would like to reaffirm that a Master s in Nuclear Energy is an important stepping stone in my education and my career I also realize that there is a long and bumpy road ahead that I need to travel before the goals I set can be achieved But with my determination and hard working ability I can overcome the obstacles I will be very much obliged to you if I am given the opportunity of pursuing this MSc program with scholarship in your reputable schools I am sure I am worth it

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