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Research question What is the effective technique for improving Physical and emotional of students s everyday challenge in university to being well Mindfulness from spending time a simple minutes of breathing meditation is the effective technique to help students improve their physical and emotional in the face of challenge at university which will conquer their stressful and meet some inner peace incredibly First of all mindfulness is where a good individual enables to relieve physical problems as stress of students face during in the university life among pressure of studies in each days Well known when starting the university class as students would start new journey life when they must leave home to university inescapably such as attend to the first year of university class is normally extra hard of adjustment How the pressure of studies in the university is it can be reduced by regularly practice meditation In fact meditation has so many benefit to students such as good for their body health or mental and let them to understood themselves According to Sharma et al as cited in Headspace 2014 they are an expert in meditation and mindfulness and they are also the voice of things above Headspace their speech focus on the five benefits of meditation begin with stress less from the research suggests MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs could help manage stress and indeed well considered audit of 17 MBSR studies observed that program to be effective in reducing of physiological side effects from the stressful

To sleep better than before it has been proven from the science meditation would help patients who inability to sleep or named insomnia by found that two months in person meditation training really improved ability of waking time and sleep quality Sharma et al as cited in Headspace 2014 Having happier and healthier relationships a study evaluating people can enhance great relationship levels with their couples like closeness and acceptance each other after participating the study in three months couples were still experience the moment these improvements Sharma et al as cited in Headspace 2014 Meditation can manage anxiety that studied analyzed showed 69 in person meditation training can less anxiety Sharma et al as cited in Headspace 2014 According to Sharma et al as cited in Headspace 2014 meditation help students to sharpen concentration from recommendations that four days in meditation is enough to improve beginner s working memory specific functions and their ability to process information In my opinion i think some students might think meditation does not make sense and think is too boring I totally believe students really do not know or get the concept of what the meditation is

You may doubt how the mindfulness from meditation help students to deal with pressure of studies at university Academic pressure is dangerous because students can feel stressed and leads to negativity towards education Not less of students even do worse in exams when they have too much pressure The power of meditation let students stand in comfortable places students will clear away the information overcome their stress Meditation is what students should learn to reduce stress and reflect themselves every day If stress make them feel worry let try with meditation which is the method to relief with no payment For example It can relate to my personal experience I just started meditating daily since I attend to university I have noted that meditating has made it easier already for me to return my breath when I feel worried or something in the student life in everyday at university I met such as the difficulty of the subjects false on quiz and even headache relationships with classmates I still remember how the moment is I felt I was in the darkness which tell myself stop doing everything and I was unhappy in each day study in this university that I did not know how I study in the university happily After these things happened to me I start the sidebar and focus on my breath two minutes and have increased every day by a minute It is really help me to come down and give me more brain potential to deal with all enemies at university

However daily meditation can help students with difficult emotions which it can give students the room to fully experience an emotion for what it is We know it is more relax in study environment students can think fast and easier when they took meditation and provide students more opportunity to not face the failure due to their brain is relaxation in this environment According to Harvard Health Publishing 2014 as selected from Harvard medical school in the topic of What meditation can do for your mind mood and health as we known this university is the top of university in the world state that mindfulness in university has many proven benefits which will let students increase optimism and happiness in the classes and decreased bullying Increased ability to understand and share the feelings of students that also help students solve their conflicts and make a good friend Harvard Health Publishing 2014 Meditation would give students peaceful feeling internally and the benefit would not leave after meditation Harvard Health Publishing 2014 A research met that student s who meditate usually will get higher scores on affectivity and emotional competence Harvard Health Publishing 2014 Meditation will improve students emotional by teach them how to study in the university happily and successful Harvard Health Publishing 2014 For example The study found the mindfulness training will teach students how to stay alert and in the moment as giving them a kind of mental armor Students don't accept and get the advantages until the point when they begin Maybe meditation is an awesome thing to practice to influence student self to quiet and centered

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