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Reading techniques for students education process

As one of the four skills reading plays an important role in enhancing a student's English ability. More importantly reading functions as a tool to access information to the worldwide web. Reading widely is a highly effective means of extending our command of language so it has an important place in classrooms where language learning is central purpose Nutall 2000. Reading is used as an evaluation tool. However, students regard it as a difficult skill. Dechant 1977 states that reading is not an easy skill to be mastered. It is a complex process that requires the skill of the reader. Many students find difficulties when they read especially when they read the text and have to answer the questions. Based on School-Based Curriculum Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan of Junior High School the standard competency is English student is expected to master four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing and also to have communicative competence in using it. Besides that, the basic competence of reading skill which is mentioned in School-Based Curriculum of Junior High School for the eighth-grade students is to comprehend the meaning of written functional text and a short essay. in the forms of descriptive and recount text to interact in the daily life context. In addition, the achievement indicator that students must gain is being competent in the subheading skill including understanding main idea specific information word meaning and textual reference of the text.

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This paper analyzes the role and effect of the L1 in English EFL classroom setting

ABSTRACT. When and how much L1 use in EFL has been a hotly debated problem among scholars over the decades. Since the existence of communicative approaches like direct method and audio-lingual method that prohibits the L1 in EFL classrooms the discussion on the subject has grown. This paper analyzes the role and effect of L1 in the English EFL classroom setting. Researches and studies had been made by professionals have been used as a resource. In this article, I am going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of using and not using the first language besides how and when the first language should be used in foreign language classrooms. Furthermore, my observations as an EFL teacher has been presented in the study. INTRODUCTION. First language L1 use in English as a foreign language EFL classroom has been the focus of ongoing discussion by the researchers over the years since the existence of communicative approaches like direct method, audio, lingual method. It is easy to say that researchers have divided into two groups on the discussion, first who support monolingual classes and secondly researchers that support the idea of using L1.

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English Language Teaching Methodology Research Essay

Abstract. This article aims to help the reader to overcome the problems that most students felt hard to learn about in class. There are many techniques to teach easily and reduce bored for students who learn. This article chooses multimedia that includes audio, visual. kinesthetic to make students feel fun to understand the material easily the atmosphere of the class will be enjoying in the class. These media bring some popular items to be introduced that make students interest to study English. So this media which not only listen to the teacher but will combine with visual and kinesthetic in the hope students could better in memorizing the lesson that has taught only in class. Keywords: teaching, media, new items, memorizing better. Background of the study. Introduction. English is an important language used by many people to communicate with each other in the world. Many people attempt to learn English not only because of their image of being able to go to another country but they also learn it in order to contribute to cultural awareness and literacy such as knowledge of the original text. There are many countries made English as one of the main subjects in their school education curriculum so that studying English becomes a must it should be taught from the primary school level up to university. Teaching and learning activity provides the information needed by students.

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Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo - Mexican relationship

Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo Mexican relationship. was the cultural conflicts between these two very different people. The Anglos who had agreed to learn the Spanish Language groused about using it for official business and soon began pressing for an exception for Anglos where the Official Language could be dumped for English. The Anglos Faith and Belief. The Anglos had agreed to become Roman Catholics but continued their protestant faith long after they settled in Texas. Although they had promised to fully convert to Roman Catholics some of them found that very difficult when they arrived to Texas. But what do you expect You are basically telling a group of people who have practiced their religion for a thousand years or more to change it all and throw it over their shoulder.

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The issue of the use of the mother tongue in the EFL classroom. Bilingual Approach and Monolingual Approach

1 Introduction. The issue of the use of the mother tongue in the EFL classroom has witnessed a debate on whether it should be used or isolated. In fact, it has been accepted as a taboo by teachers who supports the idea of English only for many years. Kahraman 2009 says that in spite of the new inclinations about language teaching and learning over the course of the twentieth-century, incorrect presumptions survived deep-rooted in terms of teaching English in EFL classrooms with the idea of English Only and the help of native speaker who is accepted as an optimal teacher of English. From this point of view, some second or foreign language teachers are accepted as the supporters of the Monolingual Approach and Bilingual Approach. 

If a teacher prefers using target language without any mother language word this is called Monolingual Approach and it only permits using target language with four skills. On the contrary ıf, a teacher has doubts about using the mother tongue or use it very judiciously and logically this is called Bilingual Approach. There are monolingual learners who are experiencing learning a new language for the first time and there are bilingual learners who have experienced learning a new language once before.

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